Well, an Easter basket anyway.
Easter is here, and this year I had to plan ahead for a few reasons instead of my usual seat of my pants plan. Did I ever tell you of the almost failed Easter because I didn’t look for the plastic eggs until the day before Easter and unbeknownst to me, my husband had inadvertently recycled the eggs? Did I mention my undying love for the Auburndale Star Market and the manager who gave me their left-over Easter event plastic eggs? No? It was a close one.
So, in plenty of time for Easter, I invited some of my favorite people over for an Easter basket photo shoot. My favorite candy? Cadbury mini eggs, and no, I don’t share them easily. A close second? These yummy Cubze from The Happy Chocolatier.
Turns out that I haven’t been very good at sharing these either. I sense a theme.
Check out the beautiful baskets that Debbie, Leah, Kim and I put together. (photo credit Debbie)
My children are older now, but never too old to get chocolate or a care package. I packed up the fun vintage packaged crayons from Target, plastic eggs (filled with Reese’s chocolate eggs) and Lake Champlain dark chocolate bunnies, fun pastel post-its (they are students,after all), and these cute as a button watches from Armitron.

And, temporary tattoos (the only kind of tattoo I’d like to see, btw) from Tattly.

Sending care packages is one of my favorite things to do when they’re away. You don’t need a holiday for an excuse to shower someone with gifts. Need ideas? I go from the practical gifts that moms everywhere know their kids need like socks, clothes, school supplies (notebooks, paper and pens), to a new book they’d like. What else? A water bottle or travel coffee mug, holiday decorations, and food  –  always welcomed by the college set. I’ve sent everything from a cookies and a vanilla cake to avocados. Just pack everything carefully (freeze the cake) and you’re all set. It helps to have a great resource –  I use the post office for regular packages but anything requiring special attention, my go-to is Tom at The UPS Store in Newtonville. Amazing customer service, every time.

 Disclaimer: I recieved Armitron watches for this post. All other items were purchased. All opinions are, and remain, my own.

A-tisket a-tasket

A green and yellow basket

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it,

I dropped it, I dropped it,

And on the way I dropped it.

A little boy he picked it up

And put it in his pocket.

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