What a Treat – Muji on Newbury Street

When visiting NYC, I stumbled upon the Muji Store in Times Square and I was transfixed. The quiet, tidy and calm interior was in such stark contrast to the street outside. And everything was so well curated – all super practical, yet beautiful items. Household goods, clothing, no brand names. Just gorgeous, functional items. I was smitten. And I’m not alone. There are legions of loyal Muji fans, and luckily for us, they just opened a shop on Newbury Street in Boston. So whether you already love Muji or have never heard of it, check it out.

Photos courtesy of Sharon Schindler (@SchindlerPhotos), who I talked into going to the opening, and who takes much better photos than I do. Thanks, Sharon!


Muji Website

Sharon Schindler Photography



Downtown Crossing with Roche Brothers

Recently I joined my blogger crew for another hosted lunch – I know, it’s tough work but I do it for you – I’m a giver like that – this time in Downtown Crossing at the wonderful Roche Brothers Market. How I wish this full service grocery store was here when I worked in town! Finally, somewhere to get groceries, flowers, baked goods, take out . . . → Read More: Downtown Crossing with Roche Brothers

Brothers Market – My new go-to

Seriously, if you follow me at all. you know I’m all about the food. I like to find it, buy it, prepare it, and, yes, eat it. I also like to make a gift of it.  And Brothers Market is a place where the people like their food even more than I do. They care about the best sourcing, pricing and the best quality . . . → Read More: Brothers Market – My new go-to

Lunch with a view, a water view at that, at Pier 6

Honestly, when it rains, it pours. Happy days of lunching with my blogger buds (is that our group name?) continues as we visit another lovely lunch place – Pier 6 in Charlestown.

Now, if you know me, you know I am the type of person who has rules, likes rules (well, until I don’t) and generally obeys rules. I think it’s a first born thing. . . . → Read More: Lunch with a view, a water view at that, at Pier 6