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I have always loved words. And…I talk a lot, read a lot, and even used to read the dictionary for fun. Oh, yes. Word games, crossword puzzles and jumbles (the Boston Herald’s best feature) are a blast. My (ahem) slightly competitive family used Scrabble® to pry me away from a book (Monopoly® just didn’t have the same appeal) by saying something about needing another player – not because I had mad skills or anything.

And while I love words, I am sorely lacking in strategy skills – yes, even very young children can beat me at checkers and chess is quite out of the question. So maybe I should hone those dormant skills? Good idea, but how? Well, while playing on, I mean, researching the features of, my Motorola Droid phone,  I discovered a ton of fun word games in Google Play. Hmmm…games…games with strategy?

Words With Friends – I had forgotten how much I like this game and rediscovering it meant reconnecting with friends and family members. Sign in through Facebook, and friends who already play are listed, you can invite friends, and there are also community matches. My game is a little rusty and, as previously confessed, short on strategy, but it’s fun to play and find obscure words that somehow glean the most points. Added bonus – you can write notes back and forth during your matches. Love the tag line “May the Best Friend Win”. Free.



Classic Words is a great game you can play solo if it’s not your turn (and maybe you are tired of waiting). Don’t be a nudge, play a round of Classic Words. You play the computer and the response time is super fast and a great way to hone your skills for when it is your turn.




The oh-so-aptly named Word Crack. Seriously, yesterday I had to put the phone in another room so I could get some work done. But then I pretend it’s good brain training to stave off the aging process, and it’s free. So, it’s all good.




aa – which you would think is about words but isn’t – it just looks like it. This is another good game for keeping the brain refreshed and strategy (yes, it appears random but there is a timing sequence to this – just try it once or twice and you’ll get it. Also free. There are also tons of strategy games if you click on the chess piece (I haven’t advanced to those yet).



The best place to find even more words …in Books (here’s the list of free books). Since the PBS show, Sherlock, does not come back for awhile – I’m reading (and in some cases re-reading) the Arthur Conan Doyle books to hold me over until the next season. I might also revisit some Bronte and Dickens – this is a great way to reconnect with old friends in books or to read some classics that you think you should have read already.



Of course, an even better place to connect with friends is in real life, and last week we did just that when a group of us got together at the Verizon Destination Store (745 Boylston Street, Boston) to play another favorite game…The Amazing Race!

A group of bloggers and their families signed up as teams but I was solo (the family was in all directions that day), so I gave a shout out for a teammate. The intrepid, and always fun, Lollie Weeks (The Fortuitous Housewife), bravely volunteered, and the impossibly incredible Kim Tolander (KimWorld) volunteered to be our virtual teammate for moral support.

It was cold, it was snowy, but we were excited! We were handed our assignments, a team number (15) and red bandanas for team spirit. Our task? To take group selfies at locations throughout the Back Bay and get back to 745 Boylston Street first.

Challenge accepted!  We grabbed a pic in the well-stocked Selfie Booth (and tried out an awesome selfie stick) in the very cool Verizon Store and then hit the streets. I have to credit my fast-moving partner for absolutely booking it from place to place – she didn’t even stop to add a description to our Instagram pics but spoke into her phone while we were running!

Despite incredibly stiff competition (really the times were only a minute apart) – Team 15 won! We ran into friends along the course and back at 745 Boylston Street, too – What a fast-paced adventure! The we explored the different areas of the store – playing with music at the Amplify It zone and trying out games at the Having Fun zone. There was so much more to do but Lollie and I had more running around to do! We made a coffee and tech date with Kim and we’re heading back soon.

Thank you, Verizon, for a super fun day with friends both old and new, and a chance to explore the new Boston Verizon Destination Store.



My New Love – Brother’s Marketplace Medfield, that is.


Brother’s Marketplace Medfield

I first visited Brothers Marketplace in Medfield while at an all day sporting event at the local high school. My husband and I were walking into town for lunch and he told me about a place called Brothers and that I would love it. Just in front of us was the storefront – the sign, the font, the colors, the charmingly arranged . . . → Read More: My New Love – Brother’s Marketplace Medfield, that is.

Do Good and Get a Great Haircut for $20….Seriously


Do Good and Get a Great Haircut for $20…Seriously.


THE AWARD-WINNING ANTHONY DAVID SALON BURLINGTON TO HOST CUT FOR A CURE  Supporting Sarcoma Research at Mass General Hospital Cancer Center

When:  Sunday, March 1, from 11-2

Where: Anthony David Salon

120 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Phone:(781) 272-0002  

. . . → Read More: Do Good and Get a Great Haircut for $20….Seriously

There’s School Tomorrow…Finally!

There’s School Tomorrow! Now that you’re dug out…time to get all your errands done!

Like going to the grocery store, the pharmacy, maybe pick up some Valentine’s Day gifts. I, ahem, may or may not have eaten some intended gifts during the hunkering down time. Note to self – next year buy non-consumable items like the ones at Linden Square. Don’t worry – they have . . . → Read More: There’s School Tomorrow…Finally!

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