Lunch with a view, a water view at that, at Pier 6

Honestly, when it rains, it pours. Happy days of lunching with my blogger buds (is that our group name?) continues as we visit another lovely lunch place – Pier 6 in Charlestown.

Now, if you know me, you know I am the type of person who has rules, likes rules (well, until I don’t) and generally obeys rules. I think it’s a first born thing. Maybe not. Anyway, when a sign says “No Parking – Street Cleaning” – I observe that rule – even if I didn’t see the sign at first and it means running out to my car…twice. Pier 6 has parking – so just park in the lot and avoid the crazy making, even though it was totally worth running out to my car – gorgeous clear day, special bonding time with my friend who had to move her car, too. And I worked up an appetite for, and thus could justify eating so much of this delicious tasting lunch.


So lunch was chatty and fun and fantastic. This local find is a great place for a get together with friends, a working lunch (try not to get distracted by the view), a first (or a fiftieth) date, a work party or a special event. Wonderful service, delicious entree and snacks, yes, great bar snacks. So about those rules I have. I rate places based on an undisclosed and ever shifting algorithm although this is only time I will ever admit to using an algorithm or even knowing what one is. What are the factors? Location (amazing), ease of parking (I don’t care if I have to pay – just have some parking), quality of food (outstanding), quality of service (personable, professional and friendly), and cleanliness (top marks. And, yes, I do check bathrooms).

On all of my counts, Pier 6 comes out as a top choice. We had, among other things, gorgeous oysters, a wonderful lobster roll and a perfect cheese plate that already have me planning another visit. Check out Deb’s blog A Little Bit About A Lot of Things for a rundown on our tasting menu.

Also, there are so many decks to walk out on and soak up the view – it’s also fun site to explore. Located in Charlestown right on the water and just steps from the U.S.S. Constitution. I wish I had known about it when our family visited – it would have made that afternoon a little sweeter and I might not have had to buy that feather pen.

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Disclaimer: I was hosted as a guest of Pier 6 for lunch. All opinions are always, and always will be, my own.

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