The S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

IMG_6482S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

Thank you to Susan Whetzel and Hersheys! Love my S’mores Cookbook!

It’s hard not to put Need I Say S’More? after the title, but I will refrain because I am mature like that and can control my need to pun. I am also possibly a little excited and definitely over sugared, hey, it happens. Don’t judge. What, exactly, is my over-sugared mind racing on about? I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Whetzel Susan Whetzel S'Mores Cookbookthis weekend – she is a blogger (at and cookbook author and so nice! We shared a lovely lunch with some fun blogger friends and talked about, well, everything from recipes, favorite things (yes, S’mores made that list) tips, favorite places to eat/stay/visit – it was a great time. We also got copies of Susan’s cookbook – The S’mores Cookbook and I have a copy to giveaway, too!

I’m now also following Susan as she heads off on her book tour  – after she left us she was headed to NYC – how fun! I wish I wrote a cookbook and got to go on tour –  Congrats, Susan! Follow her on Twitter to see if she’s in your area – @doughmesstic.

I’m excited to try the Homemade Marshmallows (among other things), so if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because it’s National S’Mores Day (August 10) and I am in the kitchen trying out these sweet recipes. I have some plenty of ingredients including some Hershey’s chocolate and a half a bag of marshmallows – maybe I can hang on to them long enough to try some of these recipes. Fingers crossed!

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I received no compensation for this post but I did get my own copy of The S’mores Cookbook (yum) and another copy of The S’mores Cookbook to giveaway. Oh, and Susan did give me some Hershey’s swag, but I already ate it. Note: I have loved S’mores since I was a Girl Scout. Yes, the first S’more recipe is credited to the Girl Scouts. No, I was not a scout in 1929 when it was invented. Thank you, just thought I’d clear that up.


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