If you are even a little bit like me, you have dozens (if not hundreds) of photos in different places. Before we went digital, they were (okay, still are) in shoe boxes in my basement. Now there are photos on our computers (everyone has their own now), phones, tablets, and on Facebook, Instagram and with other family members who sometimes share them, sometimes forget or, ahem, don’t know how (Grandparents, I’m talking about you). Now there is a great service called Lifeables that lets you put photos from different sources together in one place. Whew. I’m glad someone came up with that idea, and I’m not the only one who likes it, either. The Massachusetts Technology and Innovation Exchange (MITX) named it as a finalist in their category Best Consumer Tech that Makes Life Easier. I’ll say. Happily, I am not the only one who has to, I mean, gets to, curate the memories. By inviting family and friends, you can involve all generations in the telling of your family’s story.

I’m not the most organized person (hence the shoe box solution) so it is a happy place for me to share this now lovely activity with my family. The images are not just static, either, you can make them multimedia collections (so we will always have the video of my nephew singing Y-M-C-A). While not organized, I am worked up about some things and on-line security is one of them. Luckily, the people at Lifeables get that and created an ultra-secure environment where family memories (digital pictures, personal reflections, etc.) can be safely stored and shared. You can also make a photo album (or other cool photo stuff) – I can’t wait to try that feature.

Favorite for me? I love the way you can share, from your networks, computer or from your phone. It is easy to do (there are prompts and suggestions) and to explain, even to a low-tech (or no-tech person) in your life. Trust me, I have done it. It took longer to explain how to open an email attachment than it did how to join Lifeables. Maybe they were more motivated by the pics of the grandchildren.

All in all a great site and great way to organize those virtual shoe boxes because I just realized that is what I have – “boxes” of digital photos in no coherent order and all over the place. Worse than my basement, I’ll never remember where they all are – and I didn’t even get shoes!

Find Lifeables on Facebook and Twitter – Super fun, easy to use and it will do the heavy lifting of organizing your photos for you.

I recieved compensation for this post but as always, opinions are entirely my own.


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