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As I write this I am reconsidering why I even have a dog (even such a very cute dog) in New England, in the winter. Before you rush to the comments section to tell me I am heartless and not worthy of my dog’s love (quite possibly true), I am freezing! I do love our dog, what I do not love is the oh-so-very long time I am out in this bitter cold.  Anyway, I met someone last week who really loves dogs and found a solution to a problem he had while walking his dog. If you have a retractable leash (nice for letting the dog have a little more freedom), you will have experienced the problem of how to hold the handle of this leash while doing something else, be it getting a bag out of your pocket, answering your cell phone or pretty much anything else that requires two hands.

So Deric Dyer came up with something (the Free Hand Safety Strap) that lets you hold the retractable leash without you going through the armpit hold, the under the chin hold or the between the knees or under one foot hold (while all pretty – not always fun). He patented his invention and it is great. It lets you still have the freedom and latitude of a retractable leash but without having to hold that awkward handle. His accessory loops easily on your wrist – or belt loop if you are so inclined (I am in snow pants – no belt loops, it will be the wrist for me).

Here’s a video from his site that shows how it works:

Now for the give-away – no, I did not forget – both Pragmatic Mom and I are both giving away these lovely leash attachments (pink and red)  for Valentine’s Day. It clips on to the handle of the retractable leash. Wonderful! Pragmatic Mom is quite math-y and will probably link it to Prime Numbers for the give-away, I am somewhat less inclined so I will ask for the most compelling reason you should win this attachment –  No need to show me photos of your frost-bitten fingers – I believe you. Congrats to winner Amber of Words Done Write and My Dog Says…I am heading to the Post Office today!

4 comments on “Dog Owners – A Great Give-Away for You!”

  1. What a great product! I rigged up something on my own last year, but this product looks much more secure than what I concocted.

    Pick me! Pick me!

    @wordsdonewrite (I listed my animal blog in the URL so you know I’m an animal lover and not just a writer!) ;-)

  2. I never used my retractable leash before for that very problem — not enough hands to hold dog treats to bribe my dog, plus be able to pick up dog poop. It’s such a huge convenience.

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