Why Web Designers are becoming WordPress Designers? | Blog Design Studio

Why Web Designers are becoming WordPress Designers? | Blog Design Studio.

This is the link I put in my last post that didn’t work for a while. Reason Unknown.

It is a great resource for WordPress users and I am possibly ignoring dinner prep as I go through this site. A little geeky of me but at least I haven’t started coding yet or anything. Sheesh.

Still Capability – just a different look.

notebook theme wordpress.comI decided I wanted to try a new theme for my blog and I really liked the notebook idea (as did my youngest).  I’m not exactly sure about the color but I tried it anyway.  I can always change it back to Simpla (the theme I had before). Sometimes you get involved in the mechanics of the blog and it can be a slippery slope. I spent the morning adding categories. I, the newbie that I am, didn’t really see the value of them or, frankly, even the need for them.  Once you have a significant number of posts it is easier for readers to search by category – so – about halfway there. That is when I trolled around and looked at new themes. You can preview your site in each theme and it does drastically affect how you approach the blog. So – vote and let me know what you think. Is it easier to navigate? Are you freaked by the change? Do you care?

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