Blogging Conferences Summer 2015

It seems as if this week is chock a block with blogging related events and while I do love to get out and meet fellow bloggers, it can be overwhelming to have a super scheduled week. Need ways to keep it together? Yes, me too, that’s why I’m writing this – I need the reminders.IMG_1424

1. Load up that calendar on your phone with the dates, times and locations of the events and the links to the tickets in the notes section. Build in plenty of travel time, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Traveling with a few events to go to? Try on planned outfits ahead of time and try to pack early and light! Nothing like finding out you are missing a button or the shirt you were planning on wearing is ripped. Comfy shoes! Seriously! You will be on your feet non-stop.

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3. Download apps like Uber and Lyft to get you where you need to be. In the city? Or grab a metro card and try public transportation – it’s the fastest way to get around.

4. Have plenty of business cards – if you can write on them all the better. You think you will remember but there’s a lot going on. Take notes.

5. Bring your smile and look forward to getting to meet other bloggers and company representatives, and that means looking up from your phone now and then.

Have fun! I’ll see you there!


Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Block Island Organics

Summer Isn’t Over Yet! And here’s a Sunscreen Review and Discount from Block Island Organics to Prove It


I know we are all in back to school mode but that doesn’t absolve you of sunscreen use (you are supposed to use it every day – yes, even in the winter). Block Island Organics sent me some sunscreen to use and review. All opinions are unabashedly my own, as always.

First, I like their mission statement: Our mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare products. We believe in living outside and enjoying the sun and not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge and the right sunscreen you can live our mantra: “Play Smart, Play Safe.

From Block Island Organics: Our sunscreens are non-toxic mineral based (zinc and titanium), as opposed to chemical based, and include a Baby SPF 30 (this product is zinc only), an SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 40 product. Our products are non-comedogenic, vegan formulated, paraben free, phthalate free, nano particle free, artificial fragrance free, non-eye irritating, not tested on animals, made in the USA and highly rated by the Environmental Working Group.

I walk every day and use sunscreen everyday (yes, because my dermatologist told me to, and I always listen to her). I also brought the Block Island Organics Sunscreen to our family reunion on the beach and FenwayCapability Mom at Fenway Park Block Island Organics Park. We are out and about! And some of us have super sensitive skin, and react to even to the most benign of products, so we really need to be impressed. The sensitive skin people tried it and liked it! It has a light feel and clean smell, and it feels drier than most sunscreens I’ve tried and I liked that, too.

Block Island Organics even gave me a discount code (use code cmom) for 20% off all products (good through 9/7/14) that you can use on top of the 20% off Labor Day sale that is running on their site right now. Shop here.

You know I love to save and share – you are welcome! Block Island Organics, Judy Greer, Longbourne, beach bag, So grab your beach bag, your beach book and a bottle of this sunscreen and enjoy the Labor Day weekend! School hasn’t started for us yet!





Block Island Organics website








Disclosure: I was given a sample of this product to try but was not compensated in any way. All opinions always are my own. Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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