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Okay, so it has been a long time since I have posted, but I have not been idle – no siree! I have been doing fall-clean-up around the house (okay, mainly my husband has been – but I helped!), the usual mom stuff, writing articles, managing an art exhibit opening, typing up meeting minutes (oh, and attending meetings) and trying to balance work and home life (wish me luck with that) and sort of change the direction of this blog to reflect that whole return to work/work at home mom thing which is pretty tricky to navigate (also working on SEO of blog which is a thankless task at least while you are doing it).

So I while I was multi-tasking – I mean cleaning out my inbox – found this – watch it now. Really, you need to.

I am also reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom and I am seriously having a hard time putting it down.[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]0312600844[/amazon-product]A great read but, man, there are a lot of dysfunctional Mid-Westerners – who knew?

I also just wrapped up the opening exhibit for Sharon Schindler, Photographer. Her photos are gorgeous and reproduced on large stretched canvas frames. If you can’t get enough of them on the website, go to L’Aroma Cafe in West Newton (they have a great Newbury Street location, too) where the photos will be up for the next month or so. I can’t say enough about the kind and wonderful people at L’Aroma and that it is truly a warm and welcoming gathering spot for the local community. The exhibit is fantastic and Sharon Schindler sharon schindler photography boats red and green with lily pads capability momis a talent to watch. Personally, I love all of the photos – especially  the Brimfield pictures…both because I like the subject matter and because I was with Sharon when she took the photos. Her use of color and perspective are outstanding – she studied at Boston University and maybe they should have the next exhibit.

Local Artist Sharon Schindler

sharon schindler photogrpahy diceIt is true, I know this fantastic local artist, Sharon Schindler, and have since our children were in preschool – yes, that is a long time. Sharon has a wonderful eye and the ability to capture what she sees on film and share it with the rest of us. We went to Brimfield together with Pragmatic Mom this summer and Sharon barely shopped – she was so busy taking notice of cool things and clicking away. Pragmatic Mom was scoring, among other things, a genuine croc handbag for $15, and I was searching for a 1950s glass juicer (to replace the one someone broke).  Sharon’s work for the day (and she drove us there and brought a lunch, too) resulted in several really cool photographs. Her ability to remain focused despite 90 degree heat and dust-bowl conditions is really impressive – the fact that she captures such breathtaking vignettes is outstanding…that she is so nice and funny is even better.

Here is a link her newly launched website, Sharon Schindler Photography, where you can see her portfolio and you can even come to her opening reception on Thursday, November 11 (from 7 – 10 p.m.) at L’Aroma Cafe, 15 Spencer Street in West Newton, Massachusetts. sharon schindler photography - canoes on the charlesThe photos would be cool enough framed but they are transferred and stretched onto large canvas frames – some are 24 x 32 and look like paintings.

Newton North loses a building but keeps the spirit.

mural at newton north photo sharon schindler
Photo courtesy of Sharon Schindler

If you haven’t heard about Newton North, it is commonly known as the most expensive high school being built in Massachusetts.  It is expensive but it is needed. The current building is the kind of place that makes you consider private school. Right away.  Once you get past the initial impression, you realize that the creative energy and cooperative spirit of the students and staff  is amazing and despite the building’s overall ugliness and disrepair, you do actually want to send your child there.

This is just one of the murals at Newton North – go to the above link to see more. Sharon Schindler does such a great job photographing the school that it looks good, really good.  It is a teardown, not to worry.

Newton North will have a fun-filled weekend called Bringing Down The House (run by some very dedicated parent and teacher volunteers) on June 4-6  that will be a retrospective of North and a time for current and former students to connect.

From the website:

Join in a fun-filled retrospective of student and community life at Newton North on June 4-6, before the building closes its doors for the last time. “Bringing Down the House” celebrates the more than 30 years of high school life at Newton North. The weekend features a free Open House from noon-5 p.m. Saturday, with a walk down memory lane on Main Street, memorabilia displays, video and music clips, alumni gatherings, art activities, live music, dining and the Great North Yard Sale. Other festivities include a Theatre Ink retrospective on Friday night, Jubilee concert on Saturday night and Alumni Jazz Brunch on Sunday morning. Times and ticket prices for these events will be announced soon.

Facebook Page : Newton North High School Check this out, too.

sharon schindler photos of newton north
Photo courtesy of Sharon Schindler
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