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Find out What’s Cookin’ with Boston Medical Center and A Step Up

A Prescription of Wellness from A Step Up and the Boston Medical CenterPlease join A Step Up  to hear what’s “cooking” in The Nutrition Resource  Center (NRC) at the Boston Medical Center.

TUESDAY, January 10 7:30pm

at the home of Amy Briney, 93 Beethoven Avenue, Newton
*a suggested donation of $35 made payable to the Boston Medical Center

The BMC is changing the lives of their patients by providing exceptional care without exception, serving all patients regardless of their social and/or economic circumstances. A Step Upwill be raising funds for the Nutrition Resource Center, an innovative program, that includes an onsite prescription food pantry and demonstration kitchen, that is meeting patients nutritional needs right alongside their medical needs.  Come learn more about a service delivery approach at the NRC that is consistent with the thoughtful wraparound services that are meeting the needs of the diverse patient population the BMC serves.

To RSVP  please reply to this email.  If you are unable to attend the event but would like to donate, please click on the link below:


Amy Briney, Stacey Keenan, Lori Mendik
Carolyn Shaughnessy, Gina Saltonstall

To learn more about the BMC:

For more information about A Step Up, please check out our
website at


Blogging for fun and money

So I started this blog as a lark, for fun, as a way to make myself write both because I love to write (but have a small motivation problem) but also because I was in that awkward stage (again? I thought that was in junior high!) when your children are in school all day and you are not 24/7 and you may need to go back to school or work but you don’t know what to do, so I did this.  I started writing and finding my voice and some people liked it. I submitted some writing samples and some other people offered to pay me and so they did (yes, and I cried when they said they would pay me and when it was finally published – here) but not for sentences like this one.  I am thrilled beyond belief and so then I really got into it and started to treat this like a job because it can be and it is and so I have to learn things like ROI (return on investment) and social media and about Twitter and Alexa rankings and Technorati and SEO and Google Analytics and HTML and CSS (okay, s0 I still don’t really know the difference but CSS looks easier).

So here are some tools that make your blog better. I mean, maybe they will help. Anyway, I like them.

Hubspot is a software and advice site that lets you grade your Twitter, Website, Blog and even Facebook. Click on the highlighted text and go to Hubspot. Of course they want you to subscribe to their service but even if you don’t there are good tools to be had (more even than I have listed).

Mama’s Losin’ It is a great Mom blog with writing prompts (and good links to other sites), great and very helpful blog tips and a funny section called Dear Ellen where Mama Kat asks Ellen Degeneres if she can be on her show. There is even a song. So so funny! Ellen should put this Mommy Blogger on her show!

Twitter is fun and has a new design and there are tons of apps that go with Twitter. Go to oneforty for great applications for twitter. Founded by Laura Fitton (@Pistachio on Twittter). Great stuff in one place – I have written about it before – really it is that good.

Other resources include, but are not limited to, Copyblogger, Problogger and (shameless self-promotion) Coffee Shop Bloggers. I also subscribe to more than one Mom Blog site – there are many, but that is another post!

Lipgloss and Binky

Lipgloss and Binky.

Nice blog – good post about stay-at-home and work (for pay) mothers. I refuse to call SAHMs “non-working” because they are  never not working. I am working now, re-arranging my categories, tweeting, checking out and updating Facebook and listening to The Office in the background while I manage to put dinner together, too. Okay, so it is roasted chicken that I made yesterday and am making into sandwiches for tonight.

Friday Flip off one day late

I found this great blog through my wanderings – Momma Kiss and check out this great list of blogs – add your blog and add this to your site or just click on the links for pure entertainment value…

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