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Stuff to like about today: learned social media stuff, lunched on Newbury Street and engaged in a little retail therapy to finish things off. Now if only dinner would make itself.

Today we had a great meeting of The Coffee Shop Bloggers but instead of the usual L’Aroma in Newton, we headed into town and met at the Newbury Street location. Now, you are thinking, get out much? Umm…no, not really and we like this place and the owners and the food. Great vibe and even better people watching.

We had the meeting in Boston so that we could get a tutorial from a friend who is a TweetDeck  and overall social media expert (actually there were two social media savvy individuals in attendence – my, aren’t we impressive?) but you are asking what the heck  is TweetDeck?  It is a way to manage your Twitter account(s) and connect them to FaceBook and LinkedIn.  As we are in varying stages of using TweetDeck and social media,  our questions were all over the map (plus we all talk over each other anyway) and I think we exhausted our guest speaker. That’s okay, he’s young and will probably recover quickly.

We were on Newbury Street so a few of us accidently fell into Jonathan Adler. Love that store!  Gorgeous, whimsical and fun. jonathan adler mother child pillow from capability momjonathan adler table from capability mom The small picture is of  the Mother Child pillow (it comes in other colors) – so sweet and the table is just gorgeous – a lacquer tray table that would look amazing in my family room.

Design Track Mind’s Melissa Gulley was there and is super fun to shop with – she has such a great eye – Pragmatic Mom and I want to steal her for a day (or two) and make her, I mean, ask her nicely if she would like to, shop with us. The sales people in the store were friendly and helpful and we walked out with a pillow, a heart locket key chain and the most adorable sticky notes ever.

jonathan adler heart keychain capability mom

Jonathan Adler has just introduced Jonathan Adler Junior, a line for babies and children. So so sweet and fun, great furniture, wallpaper, rugs and more. This chair is super sweet and there is an adorable kissing giraffe rug that I love.jonathan adler junior from capability mom

Now this is fun! The Boston Design Center Treasure Hunt on April 23!

I visited the Boston Design Center last week (not for the first time).  The place is a blast and where I found the most wonderful kitchen designer on the planet, Donna Venegas at Venegas & Company.   My kitchen is perfect and it was a dream to work with Donna. This is a photo from their website and while it is not my kitchen, it was the inspiration for it and I did choose those cabinets.  So happy.

Venegas and Company Showroom kitchen that inspired Capability MomAnyway,  the Design Center  is a visual feast so even if you are not buying anything (honey, I swear I am not) , it is a great place to go for ideas and inspiration. It is usually a “to the trade” place which means it caters to design professionals but it is open to the public for this Treasure Hunt and there are over 80 showrooms.

Here is the scoop:  Treasure Hunt at BDC sponsored by The Boston Globe

So what was I doing there?  How the heck did I get in?  

I signed in as a guest. It is easy to park and the nice helpful staff let you know what to do.  Heck, I have even gone there in workout clothes (please don’t let Mothers with Manners know…they had a whole post on that).  So, if you want to just browse  it is fine, if you find something you have to have – warning – this may happen!  There are two on-going programs either Designers On-Call or the Plush membership – both work well depending on how you much help/stuff you need. So click here for Frequently Asked Questions . You can also hire a designer. There are many in the area and it does streamline the process.

You could also check out my friend’s blog at Design Track Mind. Her name is Melissa Gulley and she is a talented and creative designer. She is also exceptionally good at listening (so important) and she is nice and fun, to boot. Below is a gorgeous girl’s bedroom that she designed.

melissa gulley interior designer - girls bedroom

Let the shopping begin!

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