Brunching like a boss at Il Casale

Brunching like a millennial and a boomer boss.

I brunched. Back in the day, when it was a huge thing, you know, in the 80s, when I had disposable income and all weekend to myself. Then, the 90s and the aughts and babies, and brunch was not an option, heck, hot food was barely an option.

So now, my college aged daughter brunches with friends and I am charmed. I love the idea of it and it makes me smile to myself that she has a group of friends who brunch. And I was not even remotely jealous that she was brunching, because, I could, too, technically. In recent years, we were at far flung volleyball tournaments or, sleeping in. But then the season ended, and I was asked if I wanted to go to brunch. Yes, please. And with great group of friends who blog – this is great because we all take food pics and no one minds if you need more light or another minute to get the shot. This definitely would not have worked with babies.

So, where do grown-ups brunch? Il Casale in Belmont is a perfect balance of grownup but casual. Live music, special drinks and fantastic food. Pick a good friend group who likes to share food so you can taste everything. The menu is expansive and wonderful, and, yes, I had a digestif, and it was delicious.


This is a great local find – and there are Belmont and Lexington locations.

Brunch is great, but you need to eat the rest of the week, too. The full menu is available for take out, and they have a party planner menu that has everything from house made pasta (gluten free available,too) to lasagnes and whole roasted Sicilian chickens.



Vine Brook Tavern’s Secret Menu

Vine Brook Tavern is one of those charming old buildings that you walk by, and make note of, because it is so quintessentially New England. The real surprise happens when you walk inside. The incredible care taken to make this restaurant welcoming and understated is outstanding. The decor feels comfortable and luxe at the same time – not an easy effect. And the food! Well, the food is painstakingly planned and prepared for by a dedicated staff. And delicious.

I attended a blogger lunch and we ordered off the lunch menu and it was lovely. One of the bloggers is a vegan and she let me take a pic of her lunch (see above with the avocado in the skillet). It is a wonderful creative and versatile kitchen that is vegetarian friendly.

I tried a beautifully presented and delicious flatbread with Serrano ham, caramelized onions, eggs and pea shoots.



I had the highly recommended, and rightly so, steak sandwich. I had to take half of it home (and that never happens).




I also tasted the delicious chopped salad, too. IMG_1365



What is the secret menu? Well, Vine Brook Tavern has a pizza to go menu that is well-known to the locals (and now to you). Check out the menu and order ahead. If it’s not ready (there’s only one pizza oven – and it’s worth the wait), grab a drink at the comfortable bar until they call your name. IMG_1371

We were seated downstairs and it was lovely and lively. There is a lovely upstairs (the flags in the windows) with a private room available. This would be a great, centrally located place to have a family get together.

I tell you, I travel for food. This was a quick jaunt to neighboring Lexington and I’ll be heading back there with my family in tow very soon. Need more info?

Vine Brook Tavern http://vinebrooktavern.com/

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/VineBrookTavern

Twitter https://twitter.com/VineBrookTavern


I was treated to lunch at the Vine Brook Tavern as part of a Blogger Blunch (yes, that’s really a word) and I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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