Perfect Coffee at L'Aroma
L'Aroma hot chocolate

Picture a large room with huge windows, a small couch and two comfortable chairs.  Beautifully prepared  lattes and steaming teas in over-sized mugs sit on a low table where baked goods and notebooks fight for space.  It started not so long ago with four women who stumbled upon a common interest and started meeting every Thursday morning in this sweet tea and coffee shop.  As our numbers grew, we moved upstairs to this sun-filled room where ideas and laughter bounce off the walls and folding chairs were added to the circle.   The staff is sweet and accommodating and the food is nourishing and delightful.  When we started meeting we would each order a scone or muffin and cut it into quarters and placed it in the center of the table to share.  While we still do that, we have progressed into sandwiches and salads – we know we are here for a while.  The owner almost always bring us a sample of some delicious new treat and we are still thrilled each time.  The Coffee Shop Bloggers began here and our number has increased.  We are all bloggers who are in various stages of preparedness (some new, some established) but all funny, nice, smart,  supportive and collectively competent as we navigate the sometimes frustrating medium we have chosen.  We talk, laugh, interrupt each other, creatively swear, laugh, give helpful advice or insight, talk over each other and laugh and swear some more.  It is one of the most amazingly honest and supportive group of women ever. Did I mention bright, funny and capable?  Our strengths are different but complimentary and our voices get louder and more excited as the meeting stretches past noon. It is an energetic oasis in the middle of a week that is primarily dedicated to the care of others. We are wives and mothers, working outside of the house and not, all seeking to find a means of expression, creativity and business plans in the midst of the usual hub-bub of our days.