Carefully Considering Some Easy DIY Tea Towels from Pearl Bee

I’m working on a window shade project – pics, instructions and links soon! Why am I in the midst of such manic homekeeping? Maybe because I am (sort of/kind of/almost) doing the January cure at Apartment Therapy (my new daily fix). Even if I attempt this I am way ahead of normal operating procedure.

Yes, I cleaned the pantry, floors, fridge and washed the pillows (most of them – instructions from Martha here) and even organized my inbox. Next, I am getting prices on steam cleaning the furniture and rugs, and considering cleaning out the basement after a mini-flood from a cranky dishwasher. Maybe I should find my sewing machine first. But it’s way more fun to troll the web and find stuff like this from The Purl Bee

Corinne’s Thread: Vintage Tea¬†Towels

Aren’t these gorgeous? Lovely for a housewarming gift! Anyone feel like making these for me? Mom?