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How Many More Days of Vacation Week or Is It Over Yet?

It is that time of year again – school vacation week! If you have planned ahead, your children are in daily activities, if you have not, you are no doubt washing crayon, and quite possibly food, off the walls and hoping for enough time for a shower. I have experienced many, many school vacation weeks – some better than others.

My advice? Get moving and keep moving. Do you need to pretend you are a shark and only your constant movement keeps you alive? No. Does this mean no slow-moving sleeping-in mornings? Depending on the age of your children, maybe. You can do it, you just need the right attitude. I don’t mean you can’t have lovely mornings at home.

When my children were younger we had a breakfast where we practiced math facts with dominoes and had our breakfast in pretty dishes. Sometimes we even played school with real worksheets and stickers for work well done. They are older now and that won’t fly (we didn’t have smartphones, tablets or apps back in the day, either) but if your little ones are quite young, it will get you some quality hot beverage time before you roll.

If you are still reading, you may need help. No worries – here are some ideas and links for local activities. KidoInfo out of Rhode Island but covers Southeastern Massachusetts, too. Founder Anisa Raouf has done a fantastic job of lining up the best resources and she shares so nicely, too! From the website: Kidoinfo is Rhode Island’s guide to family fun, creative ideas, resources and local events. With fresh ideas everyday, we keep you in the know with DIY projects, kid-tested recipes, after-school activities, camps, story times and so much more. From new parents to grandparents, babies to tweens, we have something for everyone.

Boston Area – Moms A great site with Guides, Things To Do listings, Discussion Pages for Parents and much more. From the site – a listing of family activities for the next seven days. You’re welcome!  Go to Momsfor great local activities and events.

Here is a link to the Museum of Fine Arts  with its great vacation week programs. Don’t forget the Museum of Science  – The Pompeii Exhibit is great and good for most ages (it may be hard to explain that we don’t live near an active volcano to young ones but the world map of active volcanoes is a good visual reassurance). If you are going to the Pompeii exhibit it is worth getting a membership, really, it is always worth getting a membership here. I signed up online and picked up my membership card and packet when we got to the museum. Super easy.
Need more? Click on these links for vacation week ideas: The Boston Children’s Museum,The Harvard Museum of Natural History, The Peabody-Essex Museum and The Discovery Museums.We also like to take walks at the Weston reservoir or Lake Waban at Wellesley College – both places are dog-friendly and nice easy trails.
Arts and Crafts? Check out Artbeat in Arlington, Sew Easy in Needham and Wellesley or Hip Stitch in Newton.
It is also a great time to make some healthy resolutions and cook together as a family. I attended a blogger event at the Chestnut Hill Shaw’s Supermarket and they were rolling out a Nutrional IQ progam that helps you make healthy choices. Not that I am giving up the holiday cookies quite yet – just not making a meal of them!
Crafts at home – Here is a great link to Pragmatic Mom’s site for homemade play dough. Definitely a longtime favorite at our house, too.

Day 2…The Joos Cleanse

Day 1 was okay and I only felt a little more tired than usual by day’s end but I realized (and thank you, Lauri, for the great suggestions) that I need more fuel for the day. I never did cut up my veggies and knew I should have.

Day 2 – exciting – Joos™ in am was great although I still had my tea and I felt a little spacey and not centered by mid-morning (maybe that was good for our CoffeeShopBloggers meeting, maybe not). Anyway, I picked up some veggie dishes at Whole Foods for lunch (which I think fit the cleanse in essence) and felt good.

I had my second Joos™ around 2 pm and really enjoyed it. There are different types of  Joos™  and I have tried three of them and liked them all…but I also like wheatgrass shots…grin (BTW, these are way more delicious than wheatgrass).

I have been snacking on almonds, fruit and humus and crackers – Oh, and I did find the roasted  seaweed snack at Trader Joe’s and like it…sweet and sort of like an appetizer.

I also got to try these great baked goods from Joos™ that look like mini-muffins (really like Whole Food’s brownie bites not that I like those or anything) – in a word, yummy. They give you an energy boost and are sweet and nutritious and, get this, they are made “… from JOOS™ pulp, which contains kale, chard, collards, celery, cucumber, apple, carrot, lemon, lime, ginger, and more ….and they are gluten-free and do not contain any refined sugars (even the chocolate chips are sugar free). They are organic, vegan, and high in protein and fiber.” Seriously?  They taste way to good to have all of those healthy attributes! I ate them knowing all of this and was so pleasantly surprised.

All in all a busy day and I felt good – not even minding not eating the ice cream at the school party last night…much.

In the very first hour of the first day of my Joos cleanse, I may have cheated…

…if by cheating you mean drinking hot water with lemon (as directed) with the addition of honey and a teabag (it was TAZO™ – Awake – my favorite kind!) and so needed after area thunderstorms woke us in the middle of the night…so really, it was only so that I could operate heavy machinery (Volvo station wagon) safely.

Also, the Joos™ booklet I got told me it was okay if I eased into no caffeine and wasn’t perfect about this.  I was up pretty early and was hungry so I had a spoon of peanut butter (honey-roasted) and a banana. Not on the list for the am but not on the elimination list either.  I walked for an hour plus and had my first Joos™ -when I got back and I liked it. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t and that would not be good but I do… so all good.  Then, on my way to run a million and a half errands I shoved 4 rice cakes into my mouth – really I lost track because I was really hungry. Water, too. Rice cakes are a little bit dry. I did not make it home for lunch – I mean Joos™ – and was flustered and cranky by 2 pm when I inhaled my second Joos™ and some almonds and a nectarine that wasn’t really ripe but I did not care. I was really, really hungry – not feeling deprived just way off schedule and messy. Picked up the kids and ran some more errands and then home – usually the time I really eat junk. I had hit Trader Joe’s and picked up crackers, humus and lentil salads so I was all set for dinner. Snack in afternoon was almonds, crackers and water. My family had pesto pasta with chicken and I had an enormous salad with my pre-made salads on top. I felt good – regular tired not bone-crushing tired and only glanced at the chocolate in the candy cabinet.
Disclosure: I am getting the Joos™ cleanse program for a week as a trial in exchange for reviewing it but receiving no other financial compensation.
Joos from drinkjoos

A cleanse with juice…actually joos as in

The thing is, I have a really long learning curve on certain things…like getting certain WordPress widgets to work and how to eat healthy and, generally, when to take a breath before I speak.  The tech stuff I can plug away at, the breathing thing – well, that is a work in progress…the food thing…hmm. While generally I do eat well…I just have a weak spot – well, a time  actually, between 4 and 6 pm…the witching hour. I know it is a shared experience and that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks she can eat the way she did when she was younger (and I ate like a truck driver and did not gain weight – don’t bother hating me for it – it is done now).  You would think I would have figured this out by now – but, no. So here is the next thing, I met Lauri Meizler of and she is an energetic and convincing woman.  I have recently joked that I needed a cleanse – I even half-heartedly tried one – does drinking two wheat grass shots over two days and some carrot juice count? I am thinking it does not…

Anyway, I want to feel better and am willing to try the Joos cleanse and I am starting on Tuesday. I will keep to it (and probably not bake) for seven days. Are you with me? Well, you can read about it, you don’t have to do it. I promise I will record it faithfully and honestly and most likely, crankily…I’m just saying…I get cranky without food. We will see…I am keeping an open mind but I am cautiously optimistic and skeptical at the same time. Healthy or what? Now I have to get all of these G-D cookies I just baked out of my house.

veggies from drink joos

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