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Head(er) Work

Sometimes I mess with my blog and crash it (okay, only twice with some plug-ins that did not play nicely together) and sometimes I let it be until I don’t. I was tired of the standard header that came with my blog but hadn’t figured out how to change it. I had tried a few times and even downloaded something called Filezilla or something like that to change header image until I finally found a thread that gave capability mom fixes her blog, wordpress.org, godaddyinstructions how to change my theme’s header (Atahualpa) through GoDaddy…and my blog is hosted by GoDaddy! Yay! Easy! So despite it being late on a Friday afternoon and carpool still a requirement of the day, I decided to undertake this moderately challenging change. I called GoDaddy because the site has changed a little and while I am a geek I am not a technically trained geek, just one who thinks (a tad optimistically and way too boldly) “How hard can it be?” Well. You’ll see.

So the nice CSR (customer service representative) at Go Daddy talked me through finding the FTP File Manager and signed off. I had the thread and thought I was all set. Nope. I followed it exactly and nothing happened. So I called back and got a new CSR, one who wasn’t as nice and although he told me how to delete the stock images, also made a comment about it being beyond the level of service usually provided. I paused, took a breath, and hung up on him. I also answered (not very nicely but honestly) a survey about my experience. Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe every other CSR I have ever had there was going beyond the call of duty and I was more charming to them. Maybe my exasperation that I couldn’t fix my header came across as entitlement, and maybe I didn’t ask as nicely as I usually do. Maybe. Still. It takes a lot to make me hang up on someone (even telemarketers get a polite response and a goodbye).

Here is how to change your header if you have Go Daddy as host and WordPress.org’s Atalhualpa as a theme (it should work for other themes, too, I just didn’t test it) and you are technically challenged and can’t remember what FTP stands for or never even tried to retain that knowledge.

Go to GoDaddy. Try to remember your customer number and password. Fail. Get them to send it to you in two different emails, finally sign in.

You will be on the Main Page

Click on My Account (Black box upper left hand side of menu) to go to your account. You will see a list of things you have purchased.

Go to Web Hosting (second one down) and click on it. A menu will open and you want to click the green launch button on the right side of the blog you are updating.

Now you are in the Hosting Dashboard and click on FTP File Manager.

Now you have a whole new menu –

Open the folder (click on it) that says wp-content (in the left green menu) and then click on themes in the center menu. Find your theme name and click on it. You are almost there! Then click on images and when that opens, header. With header open you can see the images that you have for your header image, you can easily upload or delete images from here using the yellow folders in the menu bar at the top of the page. It is as easy as uploading an image for your blog but you have to size it first and also make adjustments on your WordPress.org dashboard.
Mine is still a work in progress because the image that I wanted is too small and I am not quite sure what I did to it but other images are fine. I am open to suggestions and help – unless you are snippy- and even then I would probably overlook that because I am tired of fussing with this.

Sunday, lazy Sunday.

There are a few bloggers who post at least once a day – sometimes even twice – and on occasion I have done this, too. But of late I have had more stuff to do – all good – but lots of stuff nonetheless and I am sometimes take a day –  or two – off.  While I am writing every day, sometimes I have several drafts that I am working on and I bounce back and forth between them. ADD or more thoughtful writing? You will have to judge that when I finally post them.

green and blue fishWhen I started this blog I thought I would use it as a way to let other Moms know stuff that I already know. You know, stuff that I have done or been through. As it turns out, I am okay with sharing that stuff but I like writing about stuff that occurs to me now.  Maybe I should change Capability Mom to Capability’s Soap Box…no, I am not so much doing that as pulling ephemera out of the air, the web or my life and sharing it.  I am enjoying the entire process from writing and “finding my voice”  to learning about social media (Digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon and about different hosting platforms – WordPress (.com versus .org), TypePad,  Blogger, how to buy an  URL (godaddy, bluehost) and how to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

With my (geographically close) friends – we don’t use Twitter to communicate, or Facebook. So I am learning social media when four months ago I didn’t even know to call it that – and am still not sure where this is taking me but I am enjoying the journey. I am also getting to know a great group of women over at CoffeeShopBloggers where we learn and share our experiences in setting up a blog and social media in general.

Hopefully it is enough that I share and if you care about what I write about you will read it. Happy Sunday.

I get all fluster-y

Seriously that came out of my mouth today. I know. Basically I was switching capabilitymom.wordpress.com to capabilitymom.com and went to the Go Daddy site with a kick-ass tutorial courtesy of http://coffeeshopbloggers.blogspot.com/ and even though I had that and had read the WordPress info, I pushed a wrong button. Swear words, fast breathing and desperate clicking all ensued.  I managed to get help on the line and tech support at Go Daddy was wonderful (unlike tech support at Verizon which, at least yesterday, was lacking – more on that fascinating waste of an hour of my life later).  The nice man found my account, walked me through the pages I know I should have seen before the fateful click but hadn’t, and all set. Phew. I did utter the above phrase to the tech guy and I do believe I heard a suppressed laugh as I explained why even his most basic instructions were taking me so much time.  Nicely done, I am breathing just fine, now, thanks.

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