I have a not-so-secret crush on Vermont, yes, the state. Years ago, one of my sisters lived in Stowe and since then we have visited Vermont many times, and aside from one ill-fated North East Kingdom weekend (that is a long and funny story for another day), we have always had a great time. I love everything about Vermont, and even daydream about moving there, so when the offer to review food from Graze Vermont Artisanal Foods came my way, my response was a resounding yes. My experience with food in Vermont has always been good. Sign me up!

So what is Graze? It is a group of Vermont farmers and producers who want to get their wonderful products out to people and have come up with a really creative way to do it. They deliver Vermont fresh food to you once a week (check the website to see if they are delivering in your town). I even heard from a Weston mom friend that everyone in her children’s school is using Graze. So I am in good company…Weston is full of people who know their farms and food (Weston has had the terrific Land’s Sake organic farm operating since 1980).

brownie and perfect chocolate milk from Graze Artisanal Foods VermontSo here is my story. A nice plain gray plastic box arrived on a Sunday (I would have written about them sooner but it took us this long to eat all of the food!) My entire family was excited about the contents and the beauty and volume of food. Yes, we like vast quantities of food.

There was fresh milk (1%) and chocolate milk (listed as perfect and it is), eggs, yogurt (greek style and better than Choibani and Face – both of which we buy), bread, a dozen jumbo eggs (the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen), oatmeal, whole grain bread, prettily packaged kits for quick dinners (pizza and meatloaf), gorgeous chicken breasts, brownies, slice and bake cookies (wonderful), beautiful butter and prepared foods that were perfect for a Sunday dinner. Pretty much almost a week’s worth of meals. My husband was suitably impressed and I was thrilled. Farm fresh food delivered? Prepared meals…even better.

chicken tenders from GrazeWe worked our way through the box joyously. We started as soon as we unpacked the box on Sunday afternoon. There were two types of prepared chicken tenders which were a huge hit (the buffalo chicken tenders were wonderful for the grown-ups, the kids stuck with the milder plain version). Once we had polished these off, the next course was Pulled Chicken with whole wheat rolls. Absolute perfection.

There was also a delicious broccoli salad – I put the bacon on mine (of course I did). broccoli salad from graze The next night I used the pizza kit – a breeze to put together for a quick weekday dinner (flatbread, marinara sauce and cheese in nice pre-measured containers). I served it with a fresh garden salad and some leftover manicotti from Venda Ravioli. Lovely.

On Valentine’s Day we went for the Turkey Meatloaf Kit that I made (in a heart shaped pan because I am fun that way). My family was dubious at first but were quickly converted to fans. We found a new favorite dinner – no small task, that! I served it with Baked Brown Rice (recipe by Alton Brown) and some veggies.

What a complete pleasure from start to finish – farm-fresh healthy and delicious food delivered to your door.

I forgot to add that if you want to try Graze (more…)