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Great Summer Activities for the Whole Family

There are so many good resources for things to do with your kids – Here are a few I like and really use.

Parents Connect – A well-organized easy to navigate site (from nickelodeon) that shows activities and events (on-going and special) by area – even by neighborhoods. Great listings and ideas.

Daily Candy Kids – I like the regular newsletter (for me!) and the Kids newsletter has cute stuff (usually for kids 8 and under), things to make, eat, wear and do.

KIDOINFO – Parents Guide – Providence and beyond – This is a terrific resource for all things Rhode Island and truly beyond. There is a great camp guide, summer guide and 100 things to do with your kids in Rhode Island (and Connecticut and Massachusetts, too). has a great Things to do section as well and organizes it by neighborhood, too. Here is a sample of this weekend’s line-up:

Cirque Du Soleil – Ovo

The thought of paying to see insects eat, crawl, work, flutter, play, fight, and …
8/13/2010 Friday 4:00p
(repeats 5 times)
Featuring: Cirque du Soleil

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WBZ Free Friday Flicks

Wouldn’t it be cute to pack a picnic dinner of meatballs to eat before or during …
8/13/2010 Friday 6:30p

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Seven Boston-area playwrights, including Lydia R. Diamond and Gregory Maguire, adapt …
8/13/2010 Friday 8:00p
(repeats 2 times)

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Movies By Moonlight

Fridays at dusk. Time is only approximate according to dusk time. June 18: “Driving …
8/13/2010 Friday 8:00p

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More on The Little Mermaid at WFT

Check out the blog at Wheelock Family Theatre – Backstage photos, links to special discounts and more.


Love the Wheelock Theatre and just made the connection yesterday (I think I knew this but forgot…hmm, yes, that does happen to Capability Mom sometimes) that Families First was started by Wheelock College and The Children’s Museum in Boston in 1988. WFT has theatre classes throughout the year and you here is the contact information.

Charles G. Baldwin, Director of Marketing

Charlestown sites to see

Our travels to historic sites continued with visits to the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown today.  Great to get moving on an otherwise cold and gray day. We parked in a lot for the USS Constitution and enjoyed the walk along the harbor to the ship. The Boston skyline appears very close and very beautiful.

The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world (according to our tour guide) and it is amazing to walk through.  The sailor who gave our tour was wonderfully animated and engaging, and also shared a great deal of information about the ship and its battles.  It was pretty cold today so it wasn’t as crowded as it will be in the summer  They don’t charge admission but you are encouraged to make a donation.

We also learned the origin of the word scuttlebutt  -noun 1. 1. Nautical.  a. an open cask of drinking water.  b. a drinking fountain for use by the crew of a vessel. 2. Informal. rumor or gossip. Origin:  1795–1805; 1900–05 I knew it meant gossip but did not know the origin.  Well worth the visit and be sure to check out a short (ten minute) film about the Charlestown Navy Yard after you visit the ship and visit the visitor’s center. There is also a Museum that looks great that we didn’t have a chance to visit.

We continued on to the The Bunker Hill Monument – we could have walked but it was cold and enthusiasm was fading.  Interest revived when we got there and got to make the tremendous climb up 294 (twisting and tight)  steps to the top.  Great views of the city and the USS Constitution (mostly the masts). There were only a few people at the top – a teacher and her students from California who were as out of breath as we were.  A bit dizzying but we are none worse for the wear.

Time for a nice dinner and the Olympics.

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