McDonald’s In The Kitchen, Fairsted Kitchen that is.

A Surprise From McDonald’s at Fairsted Kitchen


When I got the invitation to Fairsted Kitchen, it was a given that I would say yes. Every time I drive by it, I remind myself that we need to have dinner there, then I get home and life happens and I forget, again, at least until the next time I drive by.  And when I saw that McDonald’s was hosting and Executive Chef Stephanie Cmar (yes, foodie friends, of Bravo’s Top Chef and of Stacked Donuts fame), was going to cook only with McD’s ingredients, I was intrigued. How would this work? What would the menu look like? And most importantly…Would there be fries?!

Photo credit: Debbie Grubstein


And not only were there fries – there was a bar of fries!  Everyone talked, laughed and nibbled as we circled the table and there were lots of stories because…fries. And I was so excited that the charming and twinkle lighted exterior of Fairsted Kitchen was a perfect preview to the lovely space within –  warm wood tables, lovely vintage mismatched china, and a welcoming staff. What a wonderful antidote to a cold and rainy night.

Dinner was, as expected, fantastic. And made only from ingredients that would be used in a McDonald’s kitchen. The first up: chicken croquettes with cilantro lime sauce, cucumber, peanut salad, and wilted romaine puree and our hosts explained that the fresh produce was the same used in McDonald’s premium salads and McWraps.  I learned that McD’s sources from local distributors when possible.

Next up, gnocchi made with actual McDonald’s french fries that were put through a meat grinder. Wow, super clever Stephanie Cmar! The Bolognese made with sausage and 100% ground beef, was delicious! I also learned that McD’s uses 100% beef that is ground, then formed into patties and flash frozen, and made with no additives or preservatives. Good to know.

Dessert was seriously the biggest doughnut I have ever seen. It’s okay though, years of training had prepared me for the challenge and I was undaunted. Doughnuts with Cranberry and Salted Caramel made by Stephanie (McD’s uses USDA grade A fresh eggs and North American grown whole wheat flour).


Served with a perfect cup of coffee (from McCafe) and made with 100 percent Arabica coffee beans. I loved McDonald’s coffee when it was Newman’s Own and I love it now, too. A great price for great coffee.

Stephanie Cmar Fairsted Kitchen McDonald's In the Kitchen

Photos* were taken by Debbie Grubstein, friend, food blogger extraordinaire, and all around wonderful person. Thanks, Deb!

*except the coffee cup so you can see why Deb is good to have around!

This post was sponsored by McDonald’s. All opinions are, and always will be, my own. Thank you!


a visit and a doughnut

from Citrus Quark's blog

After a morning of medical appointments – just the annual almost pain-free mammogram and always delightful (no, really – I like him) GYN visit,  I  purchased treats from the Japonaise Bakery to sustain myself for the long ride home from Brookline.

I first read about this bakery years ago in The Boston Globe and thought I had caught a rare Globe editing error. “An doughnut”  was a mistake surely the writer meant  “a doughnut”?  The writer did not.  The An doughnut is a red bean paste (azuki)  filled doughnut (made seemingly of sunlight and air) and then covered with granulated sugar.   Okay, I kind of love this treat.  Lest you think that I am eating only pure sugar, I also had the most prettily packaged sandwiches.  Choices include egg salad (I am particular, theirs is divine), tuna salad, ham or turkey.  The sandwiches are on a soft crustless bread (regular shoku pan) and are substantial enough for lunch.  Great looking salads and other pastry items, too.  The hands-down favorite is Heavy Cream Shoku Pan which is traditional Japanese white bread made with heavy cream.  My youngest calls it the white fluffy bread.  All is lovely, both service and food.

The photo above was from another blog that I found today
Japonaise Bakery on Urbanspoon

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