In the very first hour of the first day of my Joos cleanse, I may have cheated…

…if by cheating you mean drinking hot water with lemon (as directed) with the addition of honey and a teabag (it was TAZO™ – Awake – my favorite kind!) and so needed after area thunderstorms woke us in the middle of the night…so really, it was only so that I could operate heavy machinery (Volvo station wagon) safely.

Also, the Joos™ booklet I got told me it was okay if I eased into no caffeine and wasn’t perfect about this.  I was up pretty early and was hungry so I had a spoon of peanut butter (honey-roasted) and a banana. Not on the list for the am but not on the elimination list either.  I walked for an hour plus and had my first Joos™ -when I got back and I liked it. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t and that would not be good but I do… so all good.  Then, on my way to run a million and a half errands I shoved 4 rice cakes into my mouth – really I lost track because I was really hungry. Water, too. Rice cakes are a little bit dry. I did not make it home for lunch – I mean Joos™ – and was flustered and cranky by 2 pm when I inhaled my second Joos™ and some almonds and a nectarine that wasn’t really ripe but I did not care. I was really, really hungry – not feeling deprived just way off schedule and messy. Picked up the kids and ran some more errands and then home – usually the time I really eat junk. I had hit Trader Joe’s and picked up crackers, humus and lentil salads so I was all set for dinner. Snack in afternoon was almonds, crackers and water. My family had pesto pasta with chicken and I had an enormous salad with my pre-made salads on top. I felt good – regular tired not bone-crushing tired and only glanced at the chocolate in the candy cabinet.
Disclosure: I am getting the Joos™ cleanse program for a week as a trial in exchange for reviewing it but receiving no other financial compensation.
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A cleanse with juice…actually joos as in

The thing is, I have a really long learning curve on certain things…like getting certain WordPress widgets to work and how to eat healthy and, generally, when to take a breath before I speak.  The tech stuff I can plug away at, the breathing thing – well, that is a work in progress…the food thing…hmm. While generally I do eat well…I just have a weak spot – well, a time  actually, between 4 and 6 pm…the witching hour. I know it is a shared experience and that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks she can eat the way she did when she was younger (and I ate like a truck driver and did not gain weight – don’t bother hating me for it – it is done now).  You would think I would have figured this out by now – but, no. So here is the next thing, I met Lauri Meizler of and she is an energetic and convincing woman.  I have recently joked that I needed a cleanse – I even half-heartedly tried one – does drinking two wheat grass shots over two days and some carrot juice count? I am thinking it does not…

Anyway, I want to feel better and am willing to try the Joos cleanse and I am starting on Tuesday. I will keep to it (and probably not bake) for seven days. Are you with me? Well, you can read about it, you don’t have to do it. I promise I will record it faithfully and honestly and most likely, crankily…I’m just saying…I get cranky without food. We will see…I am keeping an open mind but I am cautiously optimistic and skeptical at the same time. Healthy or what? Now I have to get all of these G-D cookies I just baked out of my house.

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