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You are looking for good gift ideas…here is the best one yet – Christmas in the City

Christmas In The CityChristmas in the City is going on now – Sunday, December 18. You can still make a donation here.

Today I started to read the Globe as I do each morning, and was brought up short. Brian McGrory’s column on Christmas In The City made me fly into action mode (those who know me knows that means to stand back). Here I am, writing about great gifts to buy for your father or father-in-law (admittedly, no small feat) and there is something much more pressing at hand. Go read about it here, I will wait.

You’re back? Good. All money raised goes to the event which is a winter wonderland for homeless children and their families and it is run entirely by volunteers. This is an amazing undertaking that should have huge corporate sponsors. Target? Martha Stewart? Macy’s?

So,Dad/Papa,  you are buying a toy for a homeless child for Christmas. You are welcome. I know you don’t really need a putter or another scarf or something gadget-y. You are all set. So I am taking what I would have spent on your gift  (Mom’s too) and spending it here at Christmas In The City. I’ll make you a certificate.

You want to help, too?

There are several ways to donate toys, online or at one of our drop-off locations.

To purchase toys online, click here to view Christmas in the City’s Wishlist at
Purchases on our Amazon wishlist will automatically be shipped to our headquarters.

Click here to view Christmas in the City’s official Suggested Toy List for 2011

If you would like to personally drop off your gift, please visit one of our drop-off locations:

Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy
45 Franklin Street

Seaport Hotel – free valet service
Seaport District

Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy Braintree
25 Braintree Hill Office Park

Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy Needham
150 A Street

Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy Watertown
311 Arsenal  Street

Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy Cohasset/Scituate
828 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

Stevie’s Eatery – Marlborough
222 L. East Main Street
Post Road Plaza


My Staycation was fun…

I started this post on Monday when it was snowing, now it is raining and even though my house is clean, it smells of wet dog.

I don’t know about you, but I am a little tiny bit over winter. It’s snowing – again – today and even though it  will be nice to cover up the black snow – I am pretty tired of the whole procedure. Snow, put on layers of gear, clean off car, shovel, repeat.  Good times.

I just read Brian McGrory’s column Staycation, all I never wanted – loved the title and am even old enough to get the reference, yes that old but a little put off by the tone.

So I started to write about school vacation week, yucky weather, bored kids and a staying here for the break but then I decided it was too self-indulgent (and may I say Hingham-y? No offense to Hingham, but Mr. McGrory has an issue with the town, just sayin’…)  and that I would do something about it.  Now, this is not to say that we have been without downtime or boredom but there are tons of things to do here, it just takes a little initiative and not even that much planning.

Museum of Science – sure the museum is super packed with people, (Yes, Brian, there are others who did not go away) . The newly renovated Planetarium is cool and has a new show narrated by Robert Redford  (something for Mom), buy your tickets online or get a membership to the Museum. According to the nice mom next to me at the show, it’s about the same cost to buy a membership as to just get the Planetarium tickets.  After the show we headed to the North End for lunch. It is a great place to walk around even when it is cold. We stopped in at the Peace Garden at St. Leonard’s and stepped in to the beautiful church,too. There were two men repairing a broken stained glass window and it was freezing so we did not linger. On the way back to the car we walked through the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway and my husband and I explained what this area looked like before the Big Dig.

Another friend ventured to the Museum of Fine Arts (my favorite school vacation week place), free admission for kids all week and great vacation programs.

Need a few more ideas? How about…


MDC Rinks

Charles Hotel

Frog Pond


Weston Ski Track (group and individual lessons and ski rentals available for cross country and ski skate)


Blue Hills

Okay, so it’s raining today. Go to the movies – my husband and I went to see The Fighter (loved this movie) while the kids saw Gnomeo and Juilet and another evening they saw Bieber while we saw the overhyped Unknown. If the kids are too young for this, one person can go see the kid’s movie and trade off next time.

Wilson Farms in Lexington is a fun way to get grocery shopping done and they have Kids Vacation Week Worshops – the next one is Saturday from 11 to 3  – Make your own birdfeeder.

We also visited a great camp/vacation week program in Lexington at The Munroe Center for the Arts and then to Lakota Bakery for the best butter cookies on the planet. I tried to sell a stop in at Penzey’s Spice shop but was voted down. I’ll just go by myself when they are back in school.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Brian McGrory’s writing  but even the funny and true parts (yes, some hideous rerun of The Suite Life is on even as I write this) were too whine-y even for me. Sounds like the kids were fine (sounds also like they were sick which is much worse than home for vacation) but he was bored. I am not new to the suburbs or sick kids at home or Disney or challenging long days. Check out a mom blog or two, we do this every day and some of us are really funny, too.

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