crazy gorgeous rainbow cake

I can’t stand how gorgeous this is and how much I want to make it – but it is late on Friday night and although today was rather easy (take them when you can get them), I am not up for a bakefest tonight. I will make this soon and let you know if it is as tasty as it is beautiful.  A friend sent it to me from and everything on her blog looks this amazing.  Check it out.

Birthdays are the best

Before I had children, my birthday was a big deal, well, to me it was (I am all in favor of the celebrating your birthday for a month).  Now, on my birthday, I thank my mom for giving birth to me.  For children, the birthday is wonderful in terms of the pure joy but it is also makes me crazy, too.  There is so much pressure to make it a perfect day and, the anticpation (how many times can you answer the question “How many days until my birthday?”).

The best part of your children’s birthdays aren’t the amazing parties (done more than a few), the expensive gifts  (note to husband: still welcome),  but sharing their excitement and, sappy as it sounds, truly celebrating them.  I have learned more from my children than I would have ever thought possible. They have taught me patience, joy, and unconditional love. They have also taught me to slow down and truly notice things.  While I am still a work in progress, I am beyond  happy to have them as my fellow travelers and my children.

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