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The Wayfair Heart Home Conference

The Wayfair Heart Home conference was a wonderful combination of speaker, panels, brands, and hands-on sessions. On Friday there were great keynote speakers, Maxwell Ryan of one of my favorite sites, Apartment Therapy, and Christiane Lemieux, of Wayfair and another fave site, DwellStudio. Great breakout sessions, sponsors and people!

The breakout sessions Saturday were all hands-on and all were informative and fun. My first session was iPhone food photography with noted photographer Brian Samuels (@MyFoodThoughts). And while I take pics of food all the time (my family is used to it by now), I was happy for some instruction. Best part about it? Our subject was pie from the incomparable Rosebud Kitchen. And, yes, we got to eat the pie after the class. Best class ever!

The other two sessions were also wonderful, Google Analytics and SEO. There was no pie, though, so as wonderful as they were in terms of information and presentation (fantastic, by the way), I am easily swayed by sweets. Because the sessions were so well-presented and comfortable, we had a few side topic conversations and I learned that you can shred chicken with a Kitchen Aid mixer! Seriously! Can’t wait to try this! Thank you, Wayfair, for an all around wonderful experience.

Carefully Considering Some Easy DIY Tea Towels from Pearl Bee

Carefully Considering Some Easy DIY Tea Towels from Pearl Bee

I’m working on a window shade project – pics, instructions and links soon! Why am I in the midst of such manic homekeeping? Maybe because I am (sort of/kind of/almost) doing the January cure at Apartment Therapy (my new daily fix). Even if I attempt this I am way ahead of normal operating procedure.

Yes, I cleaned the pantry, floors, fridge and washed the pillows (most of them – instructions from Martha here) and even organized my inbox. Next, I am getting prices on steam cleaning the furniture and rugs, and considering cleaning out the basement after a mini-flood from a cranky dishwasher. Maybe I should find my sewing machine first. But it’s way more fun to troll the web and find stuff like this from The Purl Bee

Corinne’s Thread: Vintage Tea¬†Towels

Aren’t these gorgeous? Lovely for a housewarming gift! Anyone feel like making these for me? Mom?

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