IMG_6118Am I still pulling off a ponytail and no make-up? At somewhere past 40 – it is a big neighborhood that past 40 place – it’s doubtful. And this only occurs to me when I catch a glimpse of myself in an off-site mirror (my home mirrors are suitably kind, well-positioned, not too harshly lit and of good quality to help with that distortion thing that happens with really cheap glass – that’s my theory anyway).

I used to spend much more time on my appearance but since becoming a mom, I do admit to a lack of time and effort. Yes, I can get dressed and do know how to pull myself together, I just am not consistent in my efforts and don’t have a daily beauty routine. Suggestions welcome!

I would like to look more pulled together (this may mean not going out to run errands without getting cleaned up as a start) and so this will be a journey of, if not beauty, then caring for myself. I’ll share finds and tips and products and any secrets that I unearth.

Wish me luck and pray I don’t get pulled over by some makeover show because I will not subject myself to continuous reruns on TLC or Lifetime as I struggle with my mid-life body image in the 360 degree mirror of shame.

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