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Meet My Friend, Capability:Mom, A Mom’s Guide to Everything

“Nancy makes every meeting more productive because of her wealth of ideas, her sense of humor and her creativity. She’s a natural leader that can recruit ANYONE to help her causes because she’s so much fun to work with. Her level-headed solutions to issues also are realistic and implementable. I highly recommend Nancy; she is like Mary Poppins…she makes everything better!”

From Melissa Gulley of Design Track Mind

Social Media 101



Roberta Martone Pavia, Principal, i.communicate

“Nancy is a very quick study and someone, who, while grounded, can move in many different directions at the same time — she is the consummate multi-tasker. Nancy brings a sense of energy, humor, and can-do attitude to any project or activity in which she is involved. She forges ahead with intensity, but never loses sight of the smallest detail. She is a great asset to any endeavor.”


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