The Mom’s Guide to Everything By The Unsinkable Blogger Brown…well, that’s what I thought this blog would be but it turns out I am not into writing about that and this blog has evolved into something else altogether. I started it to make myself write every day, and quickly figured out that my husband was the only one reading it. That made me want to help other people find it – people who would read this post and not say “So, you had a donut.”

So I taught my self some social media with the help of my in real life blogging group, the Coffee Shop Bloggers and a lot of caffeine, and it turns out that I am a not-so-secret geek and like figuring out plug-ins. Who knew?

I am cheap (read: do my own tech support), stubborn (will try things until they are right or until my blog crashes – see “do my own tech support thing”), resourceful (all my first blog posts were written on a dying laptop or free – scored from Freecycle Mac desktop) and might possess more than my share of the gift of gab (luckily I can do this online and IRL so I spread it out a bit), and slightly hyper social which works well online. Mostly.

I am trustworthy and never say I like something just to be nice or to get paid. Really, though I do like getting paid, so if you have a great product, book, film, adventure, let me know, if I like it I will shout it from the rooftops. I’ve been told I am loud-ish.

I have been a SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) for more than 18 years…talk about out of the workforce for a while. Now I am a WAHM (Work At Home Mother): blogging, learning social media, cooking, trying new places (the sacrifices I make for this blog), reading and meeting new people. I read everything and have always been this way.

When I was thinking about blog names, I really liked Capability Brown but didn’t want to use my last name in the title or confuse anyone researching the landscape architect (so many research projects scuttled), and added Mom because it is most defines me. Thankfully, I don’t look anything like him, although some mornings, more than I’d like to admit.

capability brown, capability mom, best mom blogger,does not resemble capability brown, mom blog, writer, freelance writer, best boston blogLancelot “Capability” Brown (from wikipedia) (1716 – 6 February 1783), more commonly known as Capability Brown, was an English landscape architect.

Although I have no particular gift for landscaping and frequently let houseplants die, I was sure I wanted the word in my title. My blogging group (yes, a real life group and we meet in a coffee shop) basically yelled me to just choose a name. I really like words (geek alert! I used to read the dictionary for fun) and I really liked this one.

ca·pa·bil·i·ty –noun,plural-ties. 1. the quality of being capable; capacity; ability: Her capability was unquestionable.

2. the ability to undergo or be affected by a given treatment or action: the capability of glass in resisting heat.

3. Usually, capabilities. qualities, abilities, features, etc., that can be used or developed; potential: Though dilapidated, the house has great capabilities.

1580–90; (< ; ; MF capabilité)capable + -ty

So that is why I am Capability : Mom. I also like to think I am, in fact, capable. I am active in the PTO, the local library, and regular neighborhood things. I am a trusted source of information and think I am funny, hopefully you will, too. I am really opinionated and always honest so I will never say that I like something that I don’t.

Contact me (Nancy Brown) at : or follow me on twitter @capabilitymom or Facebook at Capability Mom

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