I could pretend to be organized, or I could be honest and admit most things I do are by the seat of my pants. Occasionally, rarely even, I plan ahead, so given all that’s been going on, it’s even more amazing that I set up a wrapping station. While it is in my cold-ish basement, it’s organized so I can dash down for a quick wrap instead of running around the house in a mad rush as I head out the door looking for the scissors and tape.

Super easy to assemble wrapping station with things you probably already have – maybe magically already together – wrapping paper, craft paper, ribbon, cellophane tape, pens and markers, scissors, doilies (cut up to make snowflakes), card stock for gift tags, gift bags, little ornaments, tissue paper, washi tape and anything else arts and crafts-y. Organize in cute containers your children made in ceramics class or throw everything in the top drawer of a dresser. I did a little of both. Don’t have an empy dresser? Use any basket – laundry or otherwise.

And I was inspired, truly inspired, by my visit to Highfield Hall in Falmouth for the holiday house tour – the entire house was beautifully decorated using reused, reinvented and repurposed items by the talented and lovely designer Rita Pacheco. Coffee filters were turned into paper snowflakes, pine cones and greenery, found and repurposed objects were artfully combined in vignettes throughout the mansion. The event is over for this year but pencil it in your calendar for next year, and in the meantime, explore the house, trails, gardens, community events, cooking classes, and art exhibits. In February, they have two wonderful events –¬† The 60th Anniversary of The Sound of Music: A Robert Wyatt lecture¬†and the Woods Hole Jazz:The Yoko Miwa Trio.

You can host your own events there, too – corporate, community, and weddings, too. No pressure, daughters, but I kind of love it there.

And our house? Simpler than Highfield Hall for certain, but I did carry the inspiration home. So far greenery picked up from rambling walks in our neighborhood and from Star Market and Russo’s.

I’ll work on inside decorations later this week to get them done just under the wire as usual. Happy Holidays!

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