The McDonald’s Money Monopoly Game

My family loves games and it’s always fun to get family and friends together to play Life, Scrabble, or, our favorite, Monopoly. Growing up, Monopoly taught me what a mortgage was and why I shouldn’t let my brother ever be the banker. Ahem. As a mom, I like to see everyone engaged and involved and even bickering a little – less screen time, too.

McDonald’s is reintroducing their Monopoly Money Game, and to help share this promotion I was offered to host a game night. Great idea but given the spring schedule overlaps for my mom friends, we thought we’d shake it up and have a game morning. So everybody dropped off their kids at school, I zipped to our local McD’s to pick up coffee for everyone (I managed to take orders in advance, and the favorite was the latte with the mocha a close second). Add some yogurt parfaits and a few cups of yummy oatmeal to the berries and muffins, and we were set for breakfast and game morning!


How to play? Visit your local McDonald’s between March 29-April 25th and purchase select products to be an Instant Winner or you can Collect & Win. McD’s is offering great prizes – they’re giving away over 100 million in cash and food prizes. Nice. See Official Rules at for details.

You can play in store and online here and they have a cool new app.

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Report: Every one played well with others and we’re going to make this a monthly gathering! After the kids were in school worked for our group, but host a game night or lunch or after school and have the kids join in, too!

Disclosure: I did receive a McDonald’s gift card, Monopoly game and compensation in exchange for writing this review. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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