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Flowers at the grocery store reminding me that Spring is near


I love to find things. I even have a category in the header of this blog: Finds – Chic and Geek – sometimes it is clear that it’s one or the other but sometimes there is crossover… like with my new Motorola Droid phone. It’s both awesomely geek and chic. Gorgeous, easy to hold, and sharp looking (I get asked about it all the time while I’m out and about) and it also has a state of the art camera (21-megapixel) and screen (5.2-inch Quad HD) that takes fantastic pictures that makes me look a little a lot more skilled than I am …and that’s always good.

So while I’m out finding new finds – new restaurants, shops, exhibits, galleries, artists and activities… I’m generally snapping pics. My family is so used to me making them wait to eat so I can get a quick pic that my kids grab what we call my big phone, and even take a few pics for me.


Baking pic


An easy weeknight dinner pic


A salad pic (Vine Brook Tavern in Lexington,MA )
Love this flatbread pic (also from Vine Brook Tavern)
Salmon on a greens pic (Legal Seafoods in Dedham, MA)
The crystal clear display of my Motorola Droid with some more gorgeous pics

So I’m looking forward to discovering even more fun finds and sharing them here! Heads up – I’ll be taking tons of pics for Newton’s Festival of the Arts in May!


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