Labels from my kitchen

First, I love pretty things (oh, who doesn’t?) but I am also swayed by the creative, colorful and fun as well as pretty and well-designed. When a company bothers to make me smile and produces high-quality items – well, that is a happy day.

Kidecals not only delivers great labels (well-designed, fun and long lasting) but they have a sense of humor and whimsy which I so appreciate. Ordering was difficult only because I had to choose between so many fun options. I went with kitchen decals but easily could have moved over to pantry labels (oh, the dream of an organized Pinterest worthy pantry), wall decals or flat out labels for all of your stuff.

The site is easy to navigate – you can order by styles, age, gender and use which is great when you aren’t sure of your labeling needs. It turns out I have many labeling needs, go figure. Kidecals is running a 15% off promotion for fall right now so click on over and get your stuff together.

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