Hoodsbees are cute, warm, and they travel well, too.

These incredibly fun and warm brightly colored hoodies roll up to become a plush toy. What a great way to get your little one to carry his or her coat and use them as a pillow on long trips! Wow, I how I wish we’d had these in the days I was a full time sherpa mom. These super cute designs and characters are made out of a really high quality fleece and the sweetly not so scary monsters are kid approved. My nephews love them and from all reports are tearing around in them even as I write this. And there is a promotion going on now – use the promo code  LOVEBEE  for 25% off

More info from the Hoodsbee site:

Hoodsbee was created when the design team at HLL design was trying to come up with a new kind of character hoodie jacket that could have a rolled up function into the hood.

After seeing the shape it created, they added arms, legs, eyes and ears to the hood to make it look more like a plush toy.  But it was still just a jacket rolled into the hood.  They found that by pulling the sides tightly together and fastening them in a specific spot, along with the front of the hood being fastened as well, that it kept everything nice and compact, tight and clean looking. And thus, hoodsbee was created.
About HLL Design
HLL Design is an art and innovation studio founded by Artist and Brand developer Han L. Lee, creator of Bobby Jack Brand. HLL Design is known for their imaginative lifestyle brands and inventions such as Hoodsbee, The Public Zoo and Pink Fizz.


 Here is Hoodsbee on social media: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

And go see more cute hoodies, I mean hoodsbees, for yourself.


Disclosure: I received two hoodsbees for review which I promptly sent to my sister for her boys. I love these and think they’re a great gift. All opinions are always my own.

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