IMG_8145Good Peeps And Looking Forward to Blogger Bash NYC

I have to give a shout out to the many people I have met while blogging who are wonderful, kind, generous and caring. I never would have met them but for this modest blog where I try to stretch my skills – learning how to get plug-ins to play nicely and managing to learn a little CSS and even some HTML and making myself write on a (fairly) regular basis. Really, Thank you my IRL friends who at one time were on line only and who make this journey the joy (ride) that it is! I’m looking forward to connecting to old friends and meeting new friends at Blogger Bash NYC this week, too. Already the Facebook group has shown what a varied and lovely group this will be. #BBNYC

Getting Gorgeous, MiniLuxe,Boston Bloggers, DennehyPR, P & G
Boston Bloggers at an event at MiniLuxe October 20, 2013
Getting Gorgeous, Dennehy PR, Miniluxe, P & G,
Boston Bloggers at event at Miniluxe October 20, 2013


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