Confessions of a Passionate Introvert: Brian Little at TEDxOxbridge
I spent today shuttling people to and fro, running errands and trying to learn something. Brian Little’s TEDx Talk is great – introverts, extroverts or omniverts can all learn something.

I tried to multitask while listening and had to go back because I missed something. What traits do I exhibit? I wonder.

I learned something else, too. The Toyota Highlander (my car for a week) has some great features that I will miss when I’m back to my usual ride like this well-designed cargo net that holds groceries in place. No fruits and veggies were lost on the ride home. Saves time not having to chase down escaped avocados.

#ToyotaHighlander cargo bag




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  1. That was interesting and entertaining since I am an introvert and my husband is an extrovert! That must be fun test driving a car for a week. I would have a hard time giving it back!

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