I don’t generally make resolutions not because I’m all set and don’t need to but because in my experience they are doomed to fail. Having said that, I do like to change things up around this time hence the new furniture arrangement in the family room (you’ll learn to love it, honey!) and my kitchen clean out inspired by Apartment Therapy (a total and complete place to dream of improving your space while reading about other more industrious and creative people who actually did. See this post on wait but why – thank you, Kim).

Then check out The January Cure at Apartment Therapy – that’s how I got started – the fridge is next!

IMG_7744 IMG_7745




Just don’t get distracted at The Kitchn like I did…





And I’m doing laundry (a lot of laundry), so much so that I needed to refer to this chart several times (new garments + easily confused laundress. Fun times! Fabric Care Symbols2


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