Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices

What is Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices?

This is a multi-year effort by the Newton North PTSO and many community organizations to help parents/guardians and those who work with teens guide the teens in making good decisions that will lead to a long, happy, and healthy life.

What is the Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices EXPO?

It’s a fun gathering of many non-profit organizations that support teens and families in Newton and provide educational and prevention information and constructive activities.

When is it?

This year it’s being held on Wednesday, January 22, from 5-7:30 p.m.

Where is it?

In the main hallways at Newton North High School (457 Walnut Street, Newton, MA).

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! The non-profits are donating their time, and the Newton North PTSO is using parent/guardian dues and donations to support this event.

Who is the expo for?

Middle schoolers, high schoolers, parents, guardians, teachers, staff, counselors, and anyone else who cares about Newton teens.

My child is only in middle school. She/he is too young for this.

Now is the ideal time to use your influence to guide your middle schooler in a positive direction and to counteract some of society’s negative messages!

My child is a junior or senior. She/he doesn’t want to be seen with me.

That’s okay. You come with some adult friends, and have your teen come with some teen friends. Whole Foods will be giving out hot hors d’oeuvres, and we’ll have live jazz. If your teen drives to school, tell her/him that the first 50 students who bring a parent will receive a goodie bag with a chance to use the Newton North principal’s parking space for a week.

My teen is fine. We don’t need this.

The teen years are exciting, challenging, and often surprising. Some of the exhibitors offer enriching activities for teens in Newton. Others educate teens about how to navigate the challenges of academic pressure, peer pressure, and societal pressure in order to stay safe and healthy. Your teen may use this information for herself or himself, or it may come in handy when a friend needs help.

My teen will be too hungry to come.

We’ll be giving away pizza to hungry teens.

We’re too busy too come.

If you have even 30 minutes to stop by, we’ll make it worth your while. We’ll have two 15-minute sessions! First, back by popular demand, we’ll have a short presentation about crash prevention and driver’s education.

5:30-5:45 p.m.           Special presentation to be announced

Later, in response to the number-one concern expressed at the recent Newton Youth Summit, we’ll have a short presentation about stress reduction.

6:10-6:25 p.m.            Special presentation to be announced

My teen says this sounds boring.

The exhibitors are planning a fun night with things like an Angry Birds game, simulations, videos, giveaways, and crafts.

There will work to get live performances by student groups.

Isn’t Junior Parent Night on Wednesday? We can’t come to the expo because we have a junior.

Good question. The expo starts at 5:00 p.m. to give you an hour and a half to explore the exhibits with your teen before Junior Parent Night (6:30 p.m.).

My teen has sports practice so we can’t come to the expo.

The high school coaches support the positive messages of the Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices expo and encourage families to attend. If your teen has practice at North, you can swing by the expo when you pick up your teen. Your teen can grab a slice of pizza at the expo to tide her/him over until dinner.

Okay, I’m thinking about coming with my teen. Who are the exhibitors?

Educational and prevention information

Great activities

Supporters from last year

Join the Newton North PTSO for Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices, an expo featuring approximately 30 community organizations. Parents/guardians and all those who help guide teens in making sensible decisions that will lead to a long, happy, and productive life are one focus. Teenagers are the other focus. They can participate in exhibitors’ enriching and fun activities, and they can also learn how to navigate the challenges of academic, peer, and societal pressures in order to stay safe and healthy. The expo will include several short presentations and discussions on current issues teens face every day.


Be one of the first 50 students who come with a parent and receive a goodie bag with a chance to use the Newton North principal’s parking space for a week.  Come, have pizza and stroll Main Street at Newton North High School on Wednesday January 22nd from 5-7:30 pm .


“Talking to our teenagers about making smart choices is so important as they navigate the challenges of being a teenager in 2013,” said Newton North Principal Jen Price in a letter inviting community members to attend. “This is our attempt to stimulate these critical conversations.”

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