Yes, I bake when I am stressed. It’s all good because I eat when I am stressed, too, so it’s a win-win with just a slight chance of weight gain.

What do I bake? Usually I head to smitten kitchen IMG_1259 IMG_1260 for fantastically delicious fail proof recipes – here’s where I started.

German Pancakes – a new favorite in our house. It’s a fast easy breakfast that seems like more work than it is. We serve it with powdered sugar, maple syrup or plain, just out of the pan for all around eggy goodness. I have made this several times now, alternating using a whisk and blender, both ways are delicious so it really depends on what you feel like cleaning. I did like the cast iron pan for the amount of lift the pancakes got. No idea why. Please chime in if you know!

IMG_6081IMG_6085We also made pumpkin muffins (lost my favorite preschool recipe and still searching for it – I’ll share it when I find it) and scones (also smitten kitchen). My secret? I don’t always have cream in the house so I buy Trader Joe’s shelf stable whipping cream (is that a good cheat or bad? Am I compromising the integrity of my baked goods? No complaints so far from the baked goods or the consumers of said baked goods)  for those emergency scone mornings.

Dreamy cream scones from smitten kitchen20130101-090603.jpg.

Then I moved on to cookies,IMG_7003  IMG_7006 yes, again with smitten!

 I was coerced into adding in some oatmeal and the cookies were not harmed by this maneuver. But I like them best the right way.IMG_7005

 Why am I stressed? I forget, maybe it’s the cookies talking.

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