IMG_6482S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

Thank you to Susan Whetzel and Hersheys! Love my S’mores Cookbook!

It’s hard not to put Need I Say S’More? after the title, but I will refrain because I am mature like that and can control my need to pun. I am also possibly a little excited and definitely over sugared, hey, it happens. Don’t judge. What, exactly, is my over-sugared mind racing on about? I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Whetzel Susan Whetzel S'Mores Cookbookthis weekend – she is a blogger (at and cookbook author and so nice! We shared a lovely lunch with some fun blogger friends and talked about, well, everything from recipes, favorite things (yes, S’mores made that list) tips, favorite places to eat/stay/visit – it was a great time. We also got copies of Susan’s cookbook – The S’mores Cookbook and I have a copy to giveaway, too!

I’m now also following Susan as she heads off on her book tour¬† – after she left us she was headed to NYC – how fun! I wish I wrote a cookbook and got to go on tour –¬† Congrats, Susan! Follow her on Twitter to see if she’s in your area – @doughmesstic.

I’m excited to try the Homemade Marshmallows (among other things), so if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because it’s National S’Mores Day (August 10) and I am in the kitchen trying out these sweet recipes. I have some plenty of ingredients including some Hershey’s chocolate and a half a bag of marshmallows – maybe I can hang on to them long enough to try some of these recipes. Fingers crossed!

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I received no compensation for this post but I did get my own copy of The S’mores Cookbook (yum) and another copy of The S’mores Cookbook to giveaway. Oh, and Susan did give me some Hershey’s swag, but I already ate it. Note: I have loved S’mores since I was a Girl Scout. Yes, the first S’more recipe is credited to the Girl Scouts. No, I was not a scout in 1929 when it was invented. Thank you, just thought I’d clear that up.


22 comments on “The S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway”

  1. One of the reasons we go camping is to make smores! We love putting a piece of chocolate
    in the marshmallow and toasting it over the fire. yummy! The cookbook looks great!

  2. That depends….if it’s on top of sweet potatoes or brownies- then it’s golden brown. If it’s s’mores around a campfire….then it needs to be incinerated.

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