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Chocolate Therapy – A Sweet Cure-All


Some days are tough, whether it means back-to-back meetings, too much Camp Mom or, for all of us, too much heat and traffic. What sometimes happens is that there is a respite, an oasis, a calm, and mine usually  always involves chocolate in some form or another. So naturally when asked to attend a chocolate tasting event, I was on board. And moments after I sent the RSVP (as if there was a question), I opened the paper to an article in the Globe Chocolate that’s light on guilt about the very place I was about to visit. So cool.

We made these!

Cooler still was the visit to the sweet shop on Route 9 (near the Framingham Legal’s). This light-filled deliciously scented place is clearly a labor of love on the part of the owners, Pam and David Griffin, a lovely couple dedicated to this delectable and edible art form. We learned how to tell if chocolate was of a good quality (yes, I can tell you – it’s crisp and has a nice snap to it then there is the taste). So we tasted, learned how it is made, got some hands on time with chocolate and took home the sweetest goodie bag ever.

A group of Boston Brunchers descended on this sweet shop and  sampled, learned and even made out own chocolate – a dream outing! Owners Pam and David  were warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and fun. We learned about tasting chocolate (I may need some more practice, I’ll get back to you on that).

Not only is this chocolate outstanding (and I know my chocolate, people) but it has added therapeutic ingredients that taste great and are good for you, too. Ahem. Even if they weren’t added and good for me, I would line up for these – my new favorite – Sea Salted Caramel. I may have ate two before I got home – hey, it’s a 10 minute drive!

Chocolate Therapy’s Chocolatier (is that seriously something you can get paid to do? Um, yay) Rick was wonderful, he explained and demonstrated the steps to making this incredible chocolate and even let us (in gloves, of course) make some chocolate of our own. Believe me, the therapy of making chocolate is right up there with eating it.  I even learned how to make an awesome pastry bag out of parchment paper (so excited to try this at home).

Fun fact: Chocolate Therapy not only makes wonderful chocolate, they are all about sharing, and host parties for kids and adults (they are waiting for approval for a beer and wine license).  How great would that be? Cabernet and dark chocolate? Yes, please.

Find out more here:

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 Through the lovely group known far and wide as the Boston Brunchers, I was invited to an event at Chocolate Therapy in Framingham. I received no compensation but the event was provided free of charge to Boston Brunchers. Thank you for including me in this lovely evening, great conversation and for the delicious chocolate, too!

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