WillardSt (1154) Quarry Edge Heritage Companies Quincy MA
Contact The Heritage Companies at 617-240-3666 with any questions or go to Quarry Edge445.com.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Conference for Women with my neighbor and friend, Rae Blumenthal, of The Heritage Companies. It was the second time we have attended and both find it educational. energizing and inspiring. Oh, and we have fun, too.

In between sessions and listening to great speakers – Delia Ephron (astoundingly relateable and, of course, funny), Kristin Chenoweth (tiny, talented and charmingly funny), the inspiring Deepak Chopra (also, funny) to the incredible Arianna Huffington (Huff Post has a nap room…I want to work there), we managed to chat. Well, we did have time on the Expo Floor and when we weren’t making holiday purchases and entering giveaways (I did win the new Our Bodies, Ourselves Book), we shared our newest projects with each other.

I was in the midst of my 12 Days of Shopping list with Pragmatic Mom and Rae shared what she was working on (I used to work in real estate and really like to talk about it) so she told me about some of her projects and we started talking about dynamic areas to live. Interesting and a little more urban (but not too urban). Rae knows real estate and her pick is a great apartment in Quarry Edge 445 in Quincy. It’s in a newly constructed, modern building and a top floor corner unit is available – with sweeping views, amenities and a fantastic location. Hmm. If I were an urban professional – I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Here are some photos to give you a better sense of the space.

Model (191)WillardSt (1155)





Quincy is a really dynamic area and plans for Quincy Center revitalization are underway – the plan calls for more apartments, parks, store fronts and restaurants. Click on the link if you want to geek out and read all the plans.

Some local favorite places to eat:

The Fat Cat

BabyCakes Bakeshop



Great sports bars :

The Fours



The Planet Fitness

Quincy Athletic Club

Or go for a hike at Blue Hills or a run at Wollaston Beach

For a nice site with links to more Quincy restaurants, check out Taste Quincy. I do travel for food so I think this might be the next stop on my list.







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