IMG_3586 Keeping On Track

Eating well, exercising, not eating too many of the baked goods from my own kitchen…these are all things that would help me stay healthy and I could use a little help. My daily walking group takes care of the exercise  – a group of us has been walking together every weekday morning for the past five years. We average 4 miles a walk and only (some of us) occasionally whine about the hills, cold or rain, yes, we walk in all kinds of weather – except if there is black ice – no one wants to break a hip :-)

So morning routine:

Get kids up and coax them into breakfast. Me? I don’t need to be coaxed into eating…ever.

Fortify myself with a cup of tea and something light (I am into Spirulina chunks – I know – anything called chunks, right? Yum.) from Whole Foods or avocado toast (toast bread and spread ripe avocado on it – you are good to go).

Pack lunches.

Get kids to school.

Get dog stuff together – treats, bags, leash.

Bundle up, it’s usually cold.

Meet friends for walk.

Share. Over share. Laugh. Repeat.

Back home for more refueling and sometimes to shower – sometimes right into errands or work.

Fueling up? I just found out hat Edible Arrangements is giving away free fruit salad (for the month of January) if you show your gym membership card. Sorry, it’s not dipped in chocolate but you can get some for later in the day while you’re there. Well, I’m out of luck, no gym membership but you go and save yourself from the mid morning sugar low that makes me think donuts.












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