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26 Acts of Kindness – Inspired by Ann Curry of NBC News

Writing, talking, singing (but not so anyone else can hear), I am rarely at a loss for words. The Sandy Hook tragedy has rendered me silent because I could barely grasp this horror, I don’t want to accept it and so I only would take it in in small amounts – it was too painful. Then it hit me, how unbearably selfish I was being – the people of Newtown do not have the luxury of rationing their awareness and I needed to do something.

I had already donated to a local group raising money for the families but I knew there was more I could do. Inspired by a lovely friend, Isra, (The Frugalette) and her inspiration Ann Curry of NBC News, I am inspired to add #26 Acts of Kindness and I will be on the look out for opportunities to act kindly, randomly.

Here are some ideas to get you started and start off the new year right. Add your own in the comments below.

Random Acts of Kindness (in no particular order):

Pay the toll for the car behind you.

Buy someone a coffee anonymously.

Let someone go in front of you (especially this time of year) whether it be at a store, bank or while you are driving (especially notable in Massachusetts). I have been doing this one quite a bit. Some people are quite confused by this, all have accepted.

Take your grocery cart back. Offer to take back the cart for some one else, too.

Pick up litter in your path.

Bake cookies for friends and neighbors.

Make a dinner for an elderly neighbor or soup for someone not feeling well.

Make a donation to a local shelter or food pantry. Do this throughout the year, not just for the holidays.

Volunteer your time helping others.

Take in a neighbor’s trash cans.

Take the high road in a disagreement.

Accept your loved ones as is – faults, gifts, talents and shortcomings.

Be Kind.

The Frugalette has a post linking other bloggers also participating. Go get inspired.

Here is some information about donating.

If you’d like to send cards as well as toys, or anything else you’d like to send.

Newtown Police Dept.
3 Main St
Newtown, CT 06470
(203) 270-4255

Make a Donation:

Donations will help provide counseling and other services for families of victims, and children and families in the community.

Donate money to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund by mailing a check to:

Newtown Savings Bank
Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown savings Bank
39 Main Street
Newtown, Connecticut 06470

Donate by credit card to:

United Way of Western Connecticut






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  1. Such a lovely post Nancy. I know what you mean about not knowing what or how to even grasp what happened. I’ve actually lost track with what number I’m on, which is great cause I just keep going. :) xx

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