Dogs and Cats, but only dogs here because I don’t know anything about cats on Day 10 of our 12 Days of Shopping.

True. I have baby-sat (pet-sat? cat-sat? sounds just all sorts of wrong) cat or two in my time but never owned one so I can only imagine what a good cat gift would be, check Pragmatic Mom for that.

So I scoured the web and some local places, too, and here are some of my favorites!

From Varsity Pets (I found this through It’s supposed to exercise your dog for you – (and dogs love it ) and I’m all for that!

Varsity Pets from



Crate Escape

The because I am lucky enough to know awesome bloggers, I was reading Oysters and Pearls (written by someone I need to go shopping with) and Leah is sharing on her gift guide some sweet sweaters and lovely leashes. I am not about to put my 50 plus pound dog in a sweater (she is mocked enough when she wears her fleece) but love them both. Here is her guide–  she is also the consummate foodie, and if she goes out to eat one more time without me, I may weep. I may!

Newton has Laudromutt(sister to BYOD in Cambridge) and I like to stop in there for the lastest in treats for our dog. They have a pretty counter top filled with treats that will make any dog well-behaved (at least for the second they get the treat) – no guarantees on long term behavior!


Go see what cat stuff you need to know with Pragmatic Mom’s great homemade gifts for cats.

The 12 Days of Shopping

Saturday, December 1:  Make Your Own Gifts with granola two ways. Hers and Mine.

Sunday, December 2:  Kids Make Gifts Craft, Clove Fruit and Mod Podge.

Monday, December 3: Personalized Gifts, Hers and Mine.

Tuesday, December 4:  Father-in-Law/Dad and Mother-in-Law/Mom

Wednesday, December 5:  Tutors/Teachers

Thursday, December 6:  High Tech/Low Tech

Friday, December 7:  Hostess/Doing Good

Saturday, December 8:  Sanitation Engineers, Mail CarriersHairdresser, Delivery People, Babysitter, Cleaning People, Dog Walker/Dog Trainer

Sunday, December 9:  Husband, Me /Spouse’s List

Monday, December 10:  Cats/Dogs

Tuesday, December 11:  Quick Gifts from Whole Foods versus Gourmet Food Store

Wednesday, December 12:  ’Cause I Am So Together,  Last Minute Home Made Gifts

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