Gift Giving for Spouses – Day 9 – The Good Gifts

This is challenging (not for me, my gift list is always available and up-to-date), but for my significant other, who is less inclined to have a wish list, (truth be told, he doesn’t ask for a lot and would just as soon buy it himself) and always says nothing when asked what he wants, Sigh. Kind of a holiday killjoy? No, think of it as a puzzle or a challenge. Sure, you can go with Smart wool socks or a good book, but what would really surprise this difficult to decode gift recipient?

For mine, athletic wear is always a sure bet, and he runs (and walks the dog) in all kinds of weather so I am getting these Armour® Fleece
Storm Pants. We love the jacket I reviewed in this fabric from Under Armour.

What else? A black smithing class, really.

A dinner with…me, I know, how nice am I? My pick is Justine’s Table – great food, lovely atmosphere and close to home so we can zip back and drive the kiddos home from a friend’s house.

Anything from the New York Giants (yes, my husband is a Giants fan and we live in the Boston area). It’s all good, though, my (somewhat fervent) Patriots fan family have taken to buying Giants paraphernalia for him and he, in turn, buys Boston sports team items for them. Détente achieved.

I wouldn’t mind having well, new boots, a new sweater (cashmere, check Garnet Hill, Zappos and Wanelo, I just may have gift lists at all of these sites. I’d l ike a new blender, too, but not for the faint of heart to give appliance, just ask my Dad.

Go check out Pragmatic Mom for more ideas!

  • Update: I just bought the storm pants at Under Armour in the Natick Mall (yes, I am brave to tackle the mall), and the customer service was exceptional. Not only did the sales staff have to take apart the mannequin for the display item I wanted, but checked repeatedly in other places for items and even followed up with a phone call to me later that day. The item is not to be found in their stores but the dedicated salesman gave me more information on how I could find it online. So nice! Top grades to the sales team at Under Armour Natick!

  • The 12 Days of Shopping

    Saturday, December 1: Make Your Own Gifts with granola two ways. Hers and Mine.

    Sunday, December 2: Kids Make Gifts Craft, Clove Fruit and Mod Podge.

    Monday, December 3: Personalized Gifts, Hers and Mine.

    Tuesday, December 4: Father-in-Law/Dad and Mother-in-Law/Mom

    Wednesday, December 5: Tutors/Teachers

    Thursday, December 6: High Tech/Low Tech

    Friday, December 7: Hostess/Doing Good

    Saturday, December 8: Sanitation Engineers, Mail Carriers, Hairdresser, Delivery People, Babysitter, Cleaning People, Dog Walker/Dog Trainer

    Sunday, December 9: Husband, Me (Our Own List), CapabilityMom’s List

    Monday, December 10: Cats/Dogs

    Tuesday, December 11: Quick Gifts from Whole Foods versus Gourmet Food Store

    Wednesday, December 12: ’Cause I Am So Together, Last Minute Home Made Gifts

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    1. My other half is so hard to buy for too. He has said what he wanted this year (a pillow with the ear hole cutout, for some reason) but the past few years, he hasn’t mentioned anything. Armour® Fleece Storm Pants you suggested sounds like a a super good idea too.

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