capability mom blog the dog I am always (although I have been doing this for years) unsure how much to tip people at the holidays. Last year I looked to the (always dependable) Emily Post for Tipping Guidelines – Go here for that great resource and this year I found Oprah’s Guide to Tipping – and it’s printable, too.

Here is an excerpt…
Gratuity Advice for the Holidays
Nanny: A week’s salary plus a small gift from your child.
Babysitter: An evening’s pay plus a gift from your child.
Newspaper carrier: $5 to $15.
Mail carrier: Postal workers can accept gifts worth up to $20.
Housekeeper: A week’s salary.
Garbage collectors: $10 to $20 each.
Doorman: $25 to $100.
Super: $30 to $100.
Elevator operator: $20 to $50.
Personal trainer: Price of one session.
Parking-garage attendant: One third of monthly bill.
Dog walker: A week’s salary.
Hairdresser: $25 to $100.
Manicurist: $10 to $50.

From the December 2002 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine
Remember to add a nice note or holiday card and that this is just a guideline – Feel free to change things up, give your homemade cookies or candies in appreciation.
Afraid you forgot someone you want to thank? Check out Pragmatic Mom, she is always on top of this stuff!

12 Days of Shopping
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 Dec 2: Kids Make Gifts CRAFT (ModPodge versus Clove Fruit)

 Dec 3: Personalized Gifts (Fancy Address Stampers versus Pretty Papers)

 Dec 4:  Father-in-Law/Dad and Mother-in-Law/Mom

 Dec 5: Tutors/Teachers

 Dec 6High Tech/Low Tech

 Dec 7: Hostess/Gifts That Give Back

 Dec 8: Sanitation Engineers, Mail Carriers, Hairdresser, Delivery People, Babysitter, Cleaning People, Dog Walker/Dog Trainer, etc. (a.k.a. who else did I forget?) and Emily Post’s Etiquette on this subject.

 Dec 9: Husband, Me (Our Own Wacko List); Capability:Mom Husband/Wife

 Dec 10:  Dog/Cat

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