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I Got to Ask The Boston Globe’s Peter Hotton a Question (well, actually, two) at the Harvey Building Products Showroom

If you own a house, there are always a few little things (or a ton of big things) that need to be fixed, updated or replaced and if you are handy, terrific but if you are not, well, that’s okay, too. There are tons of good people out there to help you out. While only slightly skilled, I can manage minimal repairs and just yesterday I fixed (inexpensive but still fine) cotton window shades with parts that I scored off another shade. Yes, thank you, I do feel resourceful! How did I get so resourceful? By finding people who know way more than I do (that’s easy enough). For years, one of my favorite weekly reads has been Peter Hotton’s Handyman On Call column in the Boston Globe (every Thursday).

Asking Peter Hotten a question at Harvey Building Products Boston Parent Blogger Network event
Asking Peter Hotton a question

So I was thrilled when I was invited to a Boston Parent Blogger event at Harvey Building Products in Burlington where Mr. Hotton would be speaking (yes, I am that handy-person geek – let’s talk about my air-to-air heat exchanger). Peter Hotten spoke charmingly and knowledgeably to the assembled bloggers and shared stories and advice. He had a great answer to that heat exchanger question, too.

I have to say that this was not my first visit to the lovely Harvey showroom. A few years ago we did some (much needed) work and had a wonderful contractor (John Natale in Woburn), who would patiently go over plans or even hold up pieces of wood to show how a corner would be finished. He also sent us here to choose a roof.

Capability mom at harvey building products
This is my roof!

Thank goodness he did! It’s a great way to look at roofs (or windows, doors or decking material) on mock houses making it much easier to visualize on your house and you won’t annoy other drivers by slowing down or cause an accident by rubbernecking while roof shopping. See, all about the safety!

Harvey has been around for exactly as many years as I have (look it up, it’s a long time) and this local company is a wonderful resource to find contractors, too. While they work primarily with contractors, the bright and beautiful showroom is open to the public. Don’t be shy, head on in and pick out a roof or front door or window. I sort of fell in love with a sun room…

Thank you Harvey Building Products, Peter Hotton, Boston Parent Bloggers and Julie Dennehy for the informative and fun event!

I happily attended this Boston Parent Bloggers Network event and was given a lovely lunch and a gift bag but no compensation was received. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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