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When I told my family I was going to write about iD gum, the responses varied from “You mean the bald eagle ad?” to “You’re getting paid in gum?!” Well, in short, yes and yes. The bald eagle ad is quirky, funny, odd and definitely memorable. See for yourself. I’ll check my email. Bald Eagle Commercial

Depending on your age group, you are amused, bemused or confused by this ad. No judgement and I’m not saying how old I think you are, either. At any rate, my kids love the gum, and we will get some and give some away because sharing is nice and I predict an influx of sugary treats in about nine days. Leave a comment below and tell me why I should send you some gum :-)! Is it the cool original artwork, the delicious flavors, the bald eagle ad?

id gum, kindaI will also receive a small stipend for sharing this campaign, in addition to the gum.

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