My Ongoing Organizing Challenge or Thank Goodness for The Container Store

I like to be organized, I even lcontainer store capability mom ike to implement the initial organization system. My problem is staying organized. Am I the only one with this problem? How do you keep everything in its place? I needed some serious help so the timing of the Blogger Preview at The Container Store was perfect.  I drove to the newly opened North Shore Mall location with the already super organized Random Recycling and Pragmatic Mom and met up with other great (probably even more organized) bloggers, too. Our group was given a lovely lunch and sweet Container Store bag full of goodies and we learned about the company’s philosophy.

I’m already a great fan of the Chestnut Hill Store and after hearing about how they treat their employees, I am also now a fan of their entire company. The Container Store has been voted Forbes Top Places to work several times over the years and they value their employees with great pay, benefits and training (the training is upward of 250 hours in the first year of employment alone and team members are trained in all of the departments). Good to know.

I also know that a good structure helps keep me organized and my favorite closet in our house is an Elfa closet (I swear, I get more stuff in that closet) and am planning a second one (psst…I happen to know that the Container Store has a great sale on Elfa once a year – usually right after Christmas – so if you can wait, go for the extra savings, if not, you will still be paying much less than some other closet companies).

Audrey Robertson (long time Container Store employee and PR Director) showed us around the store and explained some things…like why the plastic hangers from their store (that look just like hangers from other stores) don’t bend when you hang a pair of pants on them and how the edges are smoothed not to snag shirts. I found myself nodding in agreement because I own some of these lesser hangers and it is only a few more pennies for the better hanger. Noted.

Loved checking out aisles of gorgeous home goods to help keep my stuff together.

My Happy Place - The Laundry Aisle at The Container Store capability mom blog north shore mall


I am in search of a new office chair, both of these are in the running because of the color –

(I have a slight problem not buying everything in this color), super comfortable and a great price.

desk chair capability mom

office chair container store capability mom

Cutest way ever to store kid’s stuff.

These reusable bags by lunchskins®

are great for snacks and sandwiches instead of plastic bags.

lunchskins at the container store - photo by capability mom blog

I received no compensation for this post although I did receive a lovely Container Store sweater box filled with goodies to sample, review and or giveaway. Opinions, as always, are my own. I already am using my new reusable produce bags and sweet polka dot grocery bag and feeling very virtuous,  green and organized since I haven’t forgotten them yet.reusable produce bags and reusable grocery bag from The Container Store Blogger Preview (Peabody, MA) at use in Whole Foods Market, Newton, MA by capability mom blog

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