progressive insuranceprogressive insurance capabilitymomIt’s true, we are Flo fans around here (you’ve got to like an insurance company with a sense of humor).

When I was offered to try out the Snapshot Test Drive Program, I was interested. When I learned there was a Flo swag package (name tag, apron, t-shirt, mints, but sadly, no Flo wig), the decision was made (or maybe it was the nice gift card to fill up my tank with gas). At any rate, I decided to try the Snapshot and I am glad I did.

Progressive really has it together. I got my Flo card to use at the pump, the (beautifully packaged) Snapshot device and Flo gear in short order. I had no idea what to expect but I didn’t expect to have fun and learn something, too. I mean, we are talking insurance here. You know, deductibles, rates, fun stuff like that. Yawn.

But here is how it unfolded – from the first welcome/how to install the (super easy) Snapshot device, to a weekly email allowing me to track my progress on line to the last You May Have Saved email, it was a pleasure. It was fun, interesting and informative to see my driving analyzed (turns out I hard brake more than average, hmm…who knew?) and the graphics on the website are engaging (you see a car travel the timeline with your results).

Flo (I mean Progressive Insurance) made me look at my driving and pay attention to sudden acceleration, deceleration, and how much I drive. It turns out I am a good candidate for a decent discount, too, even with that hard braking thing I have going on.

progressive insurance capability mom

Maybe I will be Flo for Halloween this year. Anyone know where I can get a bump-it?
I received small stipend to join the Progressive Snapshot Program and the Flo gear. I’m willing to share so leave a comment below. Note: I was not required to dress like Flo for the trial period but it occurred to me to do so.

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  1. Congrats on qualifying for a discount. Sadly, my Progressive Snapshot is not going as well. I think I would have to pay more than I do already! It must be that moving violation or the hard braking. Or the 250+ miles a week I am logging for soccer!

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