fashion playtes capability momBack to School Appropriate and Cute Clothes for Girls – A Tall Order

Shopping for little girls is easy (you know their sizes, favorite colors and how things will fit) but shopping becomes a bit more challenging when it comes to the elementary school years and when they become tweens. They want the latest fashions (even if they aren’t old enough for them) and it is becoming more difficult every year to find appropriate clothes at a good price.

So what to do? How do you find cute clothes that your girls will love to wear and you would love to see them in? You let them design their own clothes. Really. It’s easy, fun, creative and at a great price (t shirts start as low as $7.00).

I found this lovely local company last year, FP Girl. We loved the site and customizing a pair of cute sweatpants (your child gets to channel their inner fashion designer). The clothes are lovely, well made, reasonably priced, appropriate and fun to personalize. It’s a great tween resource wiith creative DIY fashion fun (how to for t-shirt bracelets, flower belts and more).

Your budding fashion designer will love creating and wearing her own designs. You will love that she looks 8 not 18. Dresses, tops, bottoms, lounge wear and even clothes for her doll.  In the design studio there is a tab titled Family with women’s clothes – your designer can break out and make gifts for mom, sister or grandmother!

We have been on a back pack search lately (only to determine that we are keeping the old ones – I washed them with great success today).  FP Girl even has fun backpacks starting at $19.99 –  a great price and you can customize them, too.




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