So you know I won prizes if you read my last post, in my head I call it Break Even Blogher, that makes it look like all I did was collect stuff. Not true. I had lovely conversations with many people, attended sessions, chatted in hallways, elevators and in line (lots of lines), and learned about small start ups, new products as well as talking to established companies. I basically went through the expo hall once and stopped wherever I was warmly greeted, curious about the brand or already knew and liked the brand. What did I like? Quite a lot.

Britely, a site to make picture flipbooks and share them easily – great for bloggers. I recognized the rep from the Newbie Breakfast line. She is a blogger and we had a lovely chat.They are even running a contest – Brite of the Week through September, Get on board, you could win $1000! I just made one for Blogher 12…

Muller Yogurt (recently bought by Quaker Oats and really delicious). I thought I would only want a small taste, I ended up eating a whole container.

The National Honey Board gave out great recipes and as a bonus, honey sticks. I had one after my run on Saturday with a banana and a Kombucha. Breakfast on the fly., my favorite business card source was there and their reps are just as nice as their cards.

Zeo,  A headband like device that helps you track your sleep (I could sure use that) – a cool product and app.

Love with Food – Get 8+ new gourmet foods delivered to your door for $10/month and they’ll donate a meal to a hungry child. What a good idea! The foods were all great and you are doing good at the same time.

The Expo floor was completely overwhelming, I saw pushing when the Pioneer Woman took to the butter booth…Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond at Blogher 12 Capability Mom Blog

The only swag I sought out was the big Blogher Bag that was really hard to find, tucked into a side room – you had to ask where people got it.  I was told it was there to drive traffic to the room, but there needed to be signage…maybe Blogher footprints on the floor?

The best part of Blogher was not the coupons, free stuff or even the sessions, it was hearing the people nominated for Voices of the Year read from their work.  I cried every day at Blogher. Yes, every day. Maybe it was all that estrogen in one place. I cried at the McDonald’s breakfast when the young mom blogger got up to thank McDonald’s for the support she received at the Ronald McDonald house while her son went through 17 heart operations. I cried at Voices of the Year, more than once (I laughed a lot, too).

Voices of the Year wasn’t overly promoted – it actually was not promoted enough at all and I am so glad that I went.  I was solo and nipped in the back of that really cavernous banquet room, plugged in my phone (8% power left) and recharged both physically and tech-wise. Other women around me were similarly solo or in groups of two or three at almost empty tables, plugged in, some on laptops or hunched over phones like me, shoes off, some grabbing wine or a snack from the dinner setup. From the back of the room it was a drop-in session, I never made it to the front of that room so I have no idea if it felt more formal and pulled together up there, I hope so.  The large screen television screens were how I watched and listened and learned.

The readings were varied – some poignant, lovely, funny and heartfelt and some were all of the above.  It reminded me that what I want to do is to write. Sometimes playing with plugins, tweeting, and playing with social media gets in the way of why I started this blog.  Go here for a really well-written post about it from Jess of Don’t Mind the Mess.

Because Pragmatic Mom is all chatty and friendly, we met and shared a cab to Penn Station with Nancy Baggett of  (her new book is about cookies…sign me up). Nancy taught a writing lab Waging War on Wordiness: Tips for Writing More Powerful Prose at Blogher. Now I am re-reading my posts for possible wordiness….



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