Instead of pretending not to know I am about to be surprised with breakfast in bed, I am up with a nice cup of tea writing this. If you are still waiting for breakfast, take heart. Soon they will sleep in later than you do and you can get up and have tea, too. We have a busy day planned but I’m looking forward to all of it.

Are you too last minute to get someone a gift? No – there is still time. Pick some flowers from the yard (preferably your yard) and wrap them in a pretty paper cone with a card. Added bonus if you have any unopened chocolate lying around (I don’t think the lone Hershey bar in my candy cabinet (what, don’t you have a candy cabinet? You most definitely should) will cut it but maybe you have some self control and have some nicer candy, no the opened stuff won’t work.

The grocery stores are already open, head out there – grab some pretty ribbon or paper and wrap it up. If you are near Target – Go grab a book – love the new covers of these classics.

Still stuck? Bake something – that always is my go to. Here is an easy one: Barefoot Contessa’s Triberry Muffins.

Time to get going! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. I do love those cover! Wonder if they are Target exclusives – I wish I had a Target near by, sigh…

    Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy Mother’s Day!

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